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Gap in the diary

Travelling to one of my favourite places on the planet this afternoon. Chicago. A place I truly miss everyday, well apart from those -17 celsius kind of days..

Tomorrow I will spend the day working, and Tuesday I have to sit a work exam in the morning but that night I have a ticket to see U2, which was the premise of me making my way to the Windy City in the first place. I will go with a mate to the United Center, the same mate that accompanied me just a little over 13 years ago.

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Counting the days

Quite ironic isn’t it that we still have the crackpot nutty professor in charge yet new owners wait on passing the EFL’s ‘Fit and Proper Persons’ test. Andrew Muir’s Australian group plan to complete the takeover of the club within the next couple of weeks, all depending on how long the EFL take to do whatever it is they do.

Undercover work by one Addick has unearthed a newly established UK company called Echidna Acquisitions registered by expected CEO Gerard Murphy on April 30th with Australian Football Consortium as shareholder. Two plus two would tell us that this is the vehicle the Aussies will use to acquire the club.

Charlton fan James Dutton, who is Jimmy Seed’s grandson has added some more, seemingly positive vibes, on his Blog here.

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Lee Bowyer statement

“The last two months have been some of the most enjoyable of my career in football and I’d like to thank everyone associated with Charlton Athletic for that.” (more)

Some may dissect Bowyer’s words for what lies underneath, but for me he never sat in front of the press or us and sounded contrived or pre-meditated, he just came across as calm and considerate and increasingly like a man who was enjoying what he was doing. I’ve made my vote, and would love him to carry on under new owners for no other reason that he will add continuity, knows the club and vitally has earned much goodwill amongst the fan base for doing something that no one has accomplished since Chris Powell was kicked out by Duchatelet, and that is bringing pride and togetherness back across the team and supporters.

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Morning after

The sadly anticipated morning after the evening before. I hope Addicks’ fans all got home safe and sound, I understand it was a bit hairy during and after the game. Superb support from Charlton fans again though, a resurrection of pride that can be put solely at the feet of Lee Bowyer, who spoke again very well after the game.

It continually surprised me that we clung on to any play-off hopes during Karl Robinson’s reign. We didn’t win from the middle of November through to January and when the season hotted up in February and March we won just once, away at relegated MK Dons. It was pretty desperate at times as Robinson stuck to a plan that clearly wasn’t working and although the finger should always be pointed at Duchatelet and ex-CEO Meire for not giving any manager or head coach a base or confidence to which to build from, Robinson was given a lot more to work with than his predecessors.

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Shrewsbury Town 1 Charlton Athletic 0

We just weren’t good enough were we?..

Charlton ended the season how they started it back in August. Short on options, quality and goals. Lee Bowyer and Johnnie Jackson brought back togetherness, spirit and pride, but they had no way to address the continuous issues that Roland Duchatelet has besieged every single manager or head coach that has taken the team since the old bastard walked into our lives.

Shrewsbury over-powered us, roughed us up and played to a style that they have perfected under one manager for almost two seasons. We can bemoan that their goalscorer should have been sent off, and we were refused a blatant penalty, but the best team won over two games.

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It’s the hope that kills you

Struggled today after last night’s disappointment. Hopefully the players are thinking more positively but Sunday is going to need a top Charlton performance, one not just of steely determination and passion, but from somewhere we have to get goals. Pearce’s backside and an Amos big goal kick have provided our only goals in the last 4 games.

On the flip side, it was only a perfect strike from Nolan that broke our defensive stronghold, and Amos again looked confident in goal. We all know what it takes, and I am sure 1,500 noisy Addicks will provide tremendous backing on Sunday afternoon in Shropshire.

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Charlton Athletic 0 Shrewsbury Town 1

Came up short..

A fantastic strike from Jon Nolan was the difference last night as Shrewsbury took their chance, and in what has been the hallmark of our season, we didn’t. The tie is only at half time, but we need to produce something a bit special now on Sunday for our season to go to the final game.

Kicking the wrong way we started like a house on fire using pace and width to get at them and created havoc in their box on a couple of early occasions. Sadly we couldn’t sustain that as we were outmuscled in the middle third, and when we did have possession everything became hurried after we would dwell on the ball too long. Kashi and JFC were unable to influence and we struggled to get any pattern of play going.

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