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I’m a little bit late with this but wanted to expose it to a wider audience and add my kudos. I have been a big advocate of hitting Roland Duchatelet hard on his own soil and now Addicks have set up a political party to contest local elections in Sint Truiden in October, 2018.

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Walsh 3.07pm

25 years ago. Doesn’t seem possible but the Addicks welcome Portsmouth, befittingly the team we have played the most in our history, back to The Valley tomorrow afternoon in a wild quirk of fate. Thanks EFL for actually doing something right.

That Saturday 25 years ago is ingrained in my memory. My brother and I and a couple of mates were at Barnsley the week before and that was a carnival atmosphere on their away open terrace.

However getting tickets for the 8,337 sell out wasn’t easy. My Mum, brother and I were season ticket holders at Upton Park, but my Dad, who was getting a little disillusioned with it, wasn’t so sadly he missed out on the game, but the rest of us went with my mates.

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Going back to The Valley

I have noticed from my Blog stats that a few of you kind readers have unearthed this post that I first wrote in 2012. The notion of the piece predates the Back to The Valley game in 1992, but tells of what The Valley meant to me as a child….

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Fan power

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AFC Wimbledon 3 Charlton Athletic 1

Proper lower league..

The second consecutive year that we drop out of the FA Cup before Christmas. We can join the other lower league clubs playing a league game on 3rd Round day. Oh joy.

I know next to nothing of the game as I was on a plane at the time, although the onboard wifi did kick in just as the Dons scored their 2nd, and it was pretty crappy after that.

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Wesley Chapel

About 32 miles north east of Tampa is where I’m heading smack bang in the middle of today’s FA Cup tie against AFC Wimbledon. With work, how inconsiderate.

I have to be there for Monday morning which meant travelling today. Bermuda to Miami to Tampa and the 32 mile drive. I am heading to quite a cool place though. The Saddlebrook Resort is a golf and tennis mecca with 45 tennis courts, two 18-hole golf courses, as well as a 16-acre golf training academy and a 7,000 sq ft spa. Shame I’m there for work, but I might be able to sneak in a bit of recreation, hopefully a tennis lesson at the very least.

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Duchatelet speaks

Two media outlets carried quotes today from his royal loony tunes, who has finally managed to manoevre his head out of his arse. The Times ran a story (behind pay wall) which was repeated in the News Shopper:

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