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Shrewsbury Town 1 Charlton Athletic 0

We just weren’t good enough were we?..

Charlton ended the season how they started it back in August. Short on options, quality and goals. Lee Bowyer and Johnnie Jackson brought back togetherness, spirit and pride, but they had no way to address the continuous issues that Roland Duchatelet has besieged every single manager or head coach that has taken the team since the old bastard walked into our lives.

Shrewsbury over-powered us, roughed us up and played to a style that they have perfected under one manager for almost two seasons. We can bemoan that their goalscorer should have been sent off, and we were refused a blatant penalty, but the best team won over two games.

Bowyer said we missed chances, well we didn’t really. We may have missed half chances but despite having spells of dominance in the game, especially in the period before half-time I never thought we looked like scoring.

There was no real threat up front, lots of jumping and battling, and short passing, but our best move came from a lovely cross field ball from JFC to Ajose who was just beaten to the finish. Our set pieces were poor with Forster-Caskey’s injury time corner summing up the season not just the game.

Typical Charlton they raise hopes, knock all aside, storm into the play-off’s when all looked lost, then dramatically underperform in two games when it really mattered. Mind you it was a big ask with a hectic fixture list, and the players, switched around as much as Bowyer could, looked totally spent this last week.

The end of this season can still have a happy ending. As devastated as I feel tonight, a chance to see Bowyer and Jackson given the opportunity to build a team with real resourcefulness and ability to get promoted under a passionate and inspirational ownership, may be worth waiting for.

Sleep well Addicks.

Quote: “I love the club. I wouldn’t be here now if I didn’t. I’d like to stay but I’m not in control of that. If I’m going to stay then it’ll be as manager because if not then I won’t be staying. That’s 100 per cent. That is the only way I’ll stay.”
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  1. rierti #

    Bowyer and Jackson certainly improved the spirit in team but KR’s poor management left them with scant resources so we fell short.If we had had fully fit Mavididi and Fosu and Ahearne Grant
    back from his poorly organised loan I am sure we would have fared better.

    May 13, 2018
    • KR although not given fortunes to spend was still given more free reign in the transfer market than any other manager under RD, but his insistence on buying lightweight tippy tappy players has not served us well. And for every Dasilva and Amos there was a Kaikai and Dodoo.

      May 13, 2018
  2. GaryB #

    The Shrews defence would have been put under far more pressure if we still had Ricky Holmes.

    May 13, 2018
    • He has started one game at Sheff Utd since January. What a waste.

      May 13, 2018
  3. Mal, (Texas AddicK) #

    As much as I am disappointed with the result, I believe it did us a real favour, the take-over has not happened yet, and we don’t know when, only that it’s soon, so if we had gone up via playoffs, it would of been hard going getting a competing team for next season. Lets get the take-over done and dusted, build a team worthy of promotion from Div 1, and able to compete in the Championship. I would like to see Bowyer given a chance, I think he deserves it, he brought heart back into supporters and players alike.

    May 14, 2018
  4. Shadow Play #

    Mixed feelings from me – Lee and JJ showed what could be achieved from basically the same squad of players that KR bequeathed him just by switching tactics and playing to a strategy that suited their skills. But we’ve lacked a 15-20 goals a season striker this season and only just scraped into the play-offs, Magennis just doesn’t score enough goals or create enough of a threat and is too easy to mark out of games so I wasn’t expecting much. Given the lack of firepower I thought it would be a stretch to get through three must win games. The last half-dozen games have been like binary code: 1-0, 1-1, 0-1 etc. We must get the new owners in and we must find a striker.

    May 14, 2018
    • Agree SP. Your comments re 15-20 goals striker got me scratching my head to remember the last time we had a striker who got over 15 goals. Wright-Philips got 22 in 2011/12 but you have to go back to 2005/06 and Darren Bent (18) for the previous one. Piss poor really.

      May 14, 2018
    • 15-20 goal strikers take either money, luck and very good scouting. Let’s hope new owners bring all three.

      May 14, 2018
  5. Do good strikers also need good, creative midfielders – something we have also been sorely lacking for many years.

    May 15, 2018

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