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Duchatelet speaks

Two media outlets carried quotes today from his royal loony tunes, who has finally managed to manoevre his head out of his arse. The Times ran a story (behind pay wall) which was repeated in the News Shopper:

“There is a lot of underground influences, we decide a lot about emotions, we make and break your image on the basis of rumours, social networks create real background slides that are difficult to answer.”

“It was an interesting experience and I learned a lot about how social media can have an impact on the psychology of masses and how they can influence decisions which affect many people.”

You and Donald Trump both Roly you old fruit.

Then in the French media a similar theme but with more quotes, which has been nicely translated by Brian Haines here:

“If I were starting again, I wouldn’t invest in football,”

“I haven’t decided anything. I’m open to offers that may come along. I will take time to consider it.”

He’s alive just.

Just sell the club.

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  1. Just eff off rat and the CEO

    December 2, 2017
  2. Tex #

    Perhaps the relegation, 8 managers, loss of fan base is just fake news. Ah, forgot, Katrien has already tried that one with the 2%…..

    December 2, 2017
  3. Strongly Disagree!

    “has finally managed to manoeuvre his head out of his arse”

    You were told “Roland doesn’t do failure”.

    December 2, 2017
  4. Steve #

    A bit personal
    Business is business
    Football is football
    Life is life
    Remember he’s got a family CA

    December 2, 2017
    • I get it Steve. My only grievance is with Roly and his utter mismanagement of our football club and his total disregard of the club and it’s history that he bought. God knows why he bothered. And it amazes me that he has made a cent of money from business..

      December 2, 2017
      • Steve #

        Fair play
        And I’m as eager as everyone else for positive news and an emergence from this ownership nightmare

        December 3, 2017
  5. LP #

    It just can’t happen soon enough. Just bloody go.

    December 3, 2017

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