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Booming Brickell

My daughter broke up from school a couple of weeks back and as both the other half and I are working we have to do a lot of juggling and role her around camps for the 10 weeks holiday she gets. Already bored of that, us not her, we’ve decided to take her to Miami for the weekend and then possibly up to the coast to Palm Beach early next week where I am at a conference, or work vacation as my 7-year old calls it!

Taking our 7-year old to Miami of course is a little bit of a ruse and we will eat, shop and people watch well whilst there. But mostly the family all appear knackered, so there will be lots of pool down time.

We will again stay in Brickell, an area I have been coming to for many years because of work but it has long been developing into much more than a downtown financial centre.

Many towering condo buildings have appeared out of the dirt and the residential population here has grown by 33% in the past 5 years, with room for many more especially with the forthcoming Panorama Tower, an 85-story apartment building going up which will be the tallest building in Florida.

All this of course has spurned fancy restuarants, a late night scene and the gigantic sparkling new Brickell City Centre with 30,000 sq ft of shops and of course more housing. My main point of interest though is why they have used the English spelling of Centre?

Just 3 miles from Brickell City Centre will be the home of the David Beckham led new Miami MLS franchise. The 25,000 seater stadium (photo) is expected to be completed in 2021, although there is some debate as to when the Miami team will join the MLS.

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