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Only friendlies….

They are only friendlies. As the old optimistic football saying goes. Also odd to play 3 games in as many days, the middle one a 6-hour round trip away, and the players all forced to go home for the weekend in between a week of intensive training in Ireland and 3 pre-season games in, er, Ireland. Katrien involved in that planning by chance?

We beat the amateur team, lost after being 2-0 up against the Premier League side and were thrashed by the University students that play in Irish 2nd tier. It is worth noting that the Irish teams are all mid-season and goes without saying, far more match fit than our lot.

Three games in three days, with the U23’s also in action on the mainland, meant that the squad was horribly stretched, although Robinson tried to play two different XI’s in all three games.

It is easy to say that the squad is not deep or strong enough, but in terms of numbers Robinson has plenty of options, other than in a couple of areas such as left back and ‘keeper.

6 forwards, 12 midfielders, 6 centre-half’s. Robinson is still stuck with hideous mis-management before him. Meire throwing around long contracts, Tex on obscene League One money, network players still in the building and the club forced to contribute towards salaries of players out on loan who we haven’t seen hide nor hair of for yonks.

Please don’t forget what damage Roland Duchatelet and his harebrained CEO have done to our football club. Not only in the past but to the future stability of it. They have decimated support and season ticket holders and now like a hamster who can’t get of his wheel they never give a manager a chance to build his own team.

The squad needs a complete rebuild Powell-style. For me Tex, Lennon, Sarr, Ceballos, Watt, Novak, KAG, and Ajose all need moving on. We have an abundance of strikers, most of whom don’t fit into Robinson’s system, and they are all at best worth max 10-goals a season. Lee Novak, who had an unfortunate first season (I’m being polite) does fit the system but word is he maybe off. Bury are in for him.

Who’s in then for Tex, Sarr, Ajose, Ceballos? Exactly. Nobody.

I would persevere with Kashi. He could save us a few quid, and a Kashi of the last time around could be like a new signing for Robinson. But despite what I calculate as a 28-man squad we are still desperately short of quality, and in fact in some positions, bodies. A no. 10, a goalkeeper, a left back, perhaps two, a must. A striker that can set the division alight would be nice, but we tried that last year. The centre midfield ball winner who can grab goals still a forlorn dream.

Despite the above I’m not feeling negative following the results tonight and yesterday. They are only friendlies, but again, like Groundhog Day, the squad looks horribly unbalanced with three and a bit weeks to go to the opening league game.

I am starting to wonder why the next round of transfer targets are taking a while to convert? Reeves, Dasilva, Martin all in the works supposedly. Has Robinson been told to sell before he can buy? It would not surprise me.

Duchatelet firmly strangling Robinson’s ambitions and plans, just as the Belgian did with everyone before him.

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  1. Honest Addick #

    I commend your interesting and entertaining blogs Chicago Addick but please can we move on! The negativity is energy sapping and helps no one. The past is gone the present is all that matters and at least progress is being made. 😎
    Honest Addick

    July 13, 2017
  2. John smith #

    Isn’t it about time you let this go, it’s so called supporters like you that have done as much damage to the club as any owners past and present, home games should have the supporter behind the team not calling for supporters to stand up if you hate the owner and throwing pigs etc on the pitch

    July 13, 2017
  3. Steve #

    Well said Honest Addick, the negativity wears you down!

    July 13, 2017
  4. rierti #

    I think some of your comments are somewhat harsh.Of the players you suggest moving on Ahearne Grant is still only 19 when he played 3yrs ago he was a boy, he is stronger and faster now. He has lost his goal touch but has mainly been playing wide left, he is still improving.Lennon has had a bad time with injuries but deserves another chance when fit.I thought Cebellos played well both as a winger and in central midfield so I would like him to get more chances preseason before a decision is made. Texeira looked a different class at right back but could be spared because of his wage situation.
    Barnes looked good at left back and again should be given more opportunities preseason in both full back positions.Bauer is a major concern to me, he has lost significant pace since his injuries 2 seasons ago.

    July 13, 2017
  5. colinrp #

    Caballos showed some good skill and looked sharp- definitely worth trying in my view if Robinson can fit this type of player into the new team. Difficult to judge other players perhaps at this stage. We do need another quality midfielder, and Kashi might be the answer but after two years out injured surely this is a long shot for this season?
    Definite shift in approach by the regime now, with English manager, assistant managers with Charlton background, and the results will show us how successful the changes have been. Lets get behind the team and the manager, fan support does make a difference!

    July 13, 2017
  6. rierti
    Agree 100% that’s what I saw/think too!

    July 13, 2017
  7. pembury addick #

    Oh dear CA methinks the club media consultants have targetted you for some pre season propaganda against protesters…..

    July 13, 2017
    • Yep PA. Very resourceful and ingenious!

      July 14, 2017
    • Honest Addick #

      Can I reassure you that I am a season ticket holder and nothing whatsoever to do with the clubs media team or agency. There is a groundswell of people who actually want to give the team and club a chance.
      Honest Addick

      July 14, 2017
      • pembury addick #

        Sure you are. Last season I noticed a number of posters on this blog and similar for the first time with lets get positive messages. Getting rid of our owner is war and propaganda is an essential part of that, hence meire’s relative silence and the employment of media consultants as mouthpieces. CAs referral to our regime’s past mistakes is essential in understanding our current position and likely direction and so cannot be dismissed. I think you’ll find the only groundswell is in season ticket abstentions which tells you everything

        July 15, 2017
  8. LP #

    Surely not – the club wouldn’t sink to that level would it? Then again….

    July 14, 2017

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