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Crumlin Valley Pass

The much lauded arrival of Valley Pass collapsed under the interest of Addicks wanted to see live action from Ireland this evening of the first pre-season friendly against Crumlin United. The official site crashed and despite eventual You Tube coverage, for me at least, Valley Pass failed to get off the ground. Unlike Charlton who won 5-0

Fortunately the club hadn’t been banging on about the new premium service much (!), but this little roll-out exercise wasn’t a great way of getting fans to part with £60 as it struggled with both bandwidth and traffic. 

Another niggle of mine is all this slow unveiling of the new Hummel kit. In Ireland the players will wear what is described as a modified version of next season’s third kit (photo). The actual third kit won’t be available for sale but will be worn in next Saturday’s friendly double header against Welling and Greenwich Borough. 

The away kit, which could be any colour, will make it’s debut next Tuesday at Dover but the new home one, presumably red Katrien?, won’t be seen until later in July and won’t be worn until the opening League One match in August. Then there is a Hummel Back to The Valley 25-year celebration kit as well. 

That is a lot of kits to showcase and sell, so why then the veil of secrecy? We have known about the Hummel deal for about 9 months, so why not have them available to sell? The club need some good publicity and there’s nothing better than kids walking around in their summer holidays in their brand new spanking kit(s). 

Generic or not, there’s a market and there is a time. I bang my head against the wall sometimes, I really do.

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  1. I am amazed – forgetting everything else for a moment- that a man who has made millions selling products can be satisfied with the almost infantile way our club is run and marketed.
    What ever else we think about R D he is supposed to be an entrepreneur and you would think his pride if nothing else would require that his clubs are run efficiently. Instead they stumble along with a level of incompetence that is breathtaking.

    July 11, 2017
  2. Andy Campbell #

    As an earybird season ticket holder I should have been sent a code in the post to acces Valley Pass.I did not receive one and have spent hours since Friday morning trying to contact the club with no one willing or able to help me.
    The You Tube picture was dominated and spoilt by the unnecessarily large VP Logo. There is just no need for it to be so wide nor for it to be so low on the screen. It detracted from watching the match so much that I had to switch off before the end.

    July 11, 2017

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