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Charlton Athletic 3 Swindon Town 0

A comfortable stroll today in front of protesting Addicks and hundreds and hundreds of stewards. 4 wins and a draw from the final 5 games when the pressure was off. Previous to that when it meant something we had 1 win in 14.

First half goals from the head of Josh Magennis and the foot of Jake Forster Carsley were added to by ‘Player of the Season’ Ricky Holmes in the 2nd half, who finished off a fine move.

Ex Oakwood Park, where my son attends school, pupil Aaron Barnes came on for his Charlton first team debut and Johnnie Jackson was lauded during the game and when substituted, and rightly so, but will be back next season. Chris Solly was also given a heroes farewell when he went off late in the game.

Who the hell knows what this squad will look like in August, although Karl Robinson confirmed after that Jacko will remain as part of the first team scene, but will spend more of his time and energy as a first team coach.

The day was more about the protests which occurred before, during and after than the game. Maybe not to the extent that I had personally hoped but I wasn’t there so can’t criticize and those that do, would do well to remember that CARD is a coalition and those that want to be more lawless can do what they like individually.

Plenty of media attention was again received, but much less than Leyton Orient’s repressed fans rightly got yesterday and on the flip side as a stiff reminder, a lot less than Sheffield United who danced to 100 points and the title today.

Nonetheless outside protests, banners and balloons are unlikely to bother Duchatelet or the indolent Meire. The on-going wastefulness of money though is, such as on the ridiculous overkill of stewards and police brought in for today’s game.

As the curtain fell on this depressing and woeful season, I felt nothing when each of our goals went in and I truly hate myself for that. But just two people are to blame for mine and thousands of fellow Addicks indifference and the fight goes on because despite my lethargy I will be here long after they are gone.

Addick Bloggers at The ValleyChris Powell’s Flat Cap (Kyle’s 46th on the ground match report); Stickleback.

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  1. richard #

    I was there today. Largely to answer the call of CARD than to support my team in this dead rubber of a football game. I had a lot of hope as i drove up from the south coast. It was good to feel as if i was going to be part of something significant. Sadly it didn’t feel that way. I’m not criticising anyone, just saying how i felt. I’m told that we held up the VIP’s cars in Floyd Road and i hope that they vented their frustration at Katrien, but i guess there’s no way to know that for sure.

    Inside the ground, the balloons on the pitch was fun…but ultimately that’s not going to create change. The pitch invasion at the end was frankly embarrassing. It would have been far more effective to simply turn our backs and leave the stadium quickly and quietly and leave the army of police and stewards to wonder what on earth they were doing there.

    As far as i could tell, nothing happened in the Lower West. (Apologies if i am wrong there)

    Suddenly no one is talking about new owners. Even Robinson sounded depressed after the game.

    We were invited to use hashtag “endgame” on Thursday. The belief was that we were referring to the end of Roland. I fear that #endgame is now the future of our once proud football club.

    AFC Charlton anyone?

    April 30, 2017
    • Agree Richard. I had planned to fly back but just couldn’t convince myself enough to spend the money. But it was disappointing. The whole ‘take back The Valley,’ encouraging people to sit in the lower west and the #endgame stuff was all a bit farcical.

      Sure, the loud and continuous anti regime chanting makes a point, although Meire only listens to the few sycophants around her and not to 10,000 customers, but more direct action I think is required. And I don’t necessarily mean charging the directors box, but more of the recent action taken against RD in his home town.

      Shouting at a curtain drawn window of the directors lounge has long become pointless and throwing things on the pitch whilst disruptive is now expected. Although the extra cost of bringing in an army of stewards and disinterested old bill hits Roland in the pocket, I have long said that he is susceptible to bad press and having his name muddied in his home town.

      I will continue to support CARD, the Belgium 20 and WAR but the summer needs for them and all of us to refresh our protests if we are still stuck with them in August, which my gut tells me we will.

      May 1, 2017
  2. Nigel Reddick #

    Think you are being a bit harsh on CARD gents. The protests yesterday keep us in the spotlight and we still retain the moral high ground which is easy to lose as soon as you ramp up the protesting. I think the wording of the statement probably raised expectations too high though. But I feel that CARD helps us to be the most imaginative and effective protesting set of fans in the country.

    Like you I thought the balloons had a good effect as the did the paper storm, Great atmosphere given the circumstances, and maximum kudos to the Swindon fans who came despite their plight. My son and I made the pitch invasion – took us a while as the upper north to the east stand is a journey, and I had a very funny dance with a steward……

    Pembury Addick

    May 1, 2017
    • Richard #

      Fair play to you and your son Nigel. And I don’t mean to be harsh on CARD. I just travelled with expectations and left a bit deflated by the whole day.

      As you say CA more trips to Belgium are definitely in order.

      May 1, 2017
  3. LP #

    I agree, there was a feeling of what else can we do – and that in no way knocks the organisers because they must be tired of it all too. Its the last thing any of us want to be doing, and if I never have to protest again I would be delighted. I will not be renewing until they go – we did go to a few games this season in spite of not having a season ticket, but it will be a lot less next season. Oh, and anyone thinking things were improving on the pitch – never forget we were playing 4th division sides and half those players won’t be there come August. It is the depressing merry-go-round again. We went home afterwards and showed my friend’s boys old video tapes of when we were a premiership side (they are too young) – it just made me want to weep.
    Have a good summer CA and let’s pray for good news and a saviour.

    May 2, 2017

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