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Never give up the fight – Just sell the club

A superbly put together video by The Guardian that will make your Charlton heart beat a little harder. Better public relations than Tom Rubashow can only dream off. It encapsulates simply not just how much Charlton have been ruined by an incompetent owner but many other football clubs as well.

Ordinary, intelligent and passionate fans that care. Duchatelet bought the wrong club and messed with the wrong fans. Protest on Sunday for the future of our club. And protest hard.

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  1. Dave #

    Riveting stuff.
    So what we need then is a passionate ‘non-business’ man with multiple millions to piss down the drain? Step forward Mr…

    April 26, 2017
    • As opposed to a non-passionate business man with millions to piss down the drain?

      April 27, 2017
      • Dave #

        So who’s the saviour then smart arse coz it sure as hell ain’t the Aussies
        If the club and the valley end up being carved apart under any future ownership the plastic pigs will have been really worthwhile wouldn’t they
        If I’m in the minority in thinking card are a bunch of twats so be it – I don’t need others to make my mind up for me and have never considered myself to be easily herded w

        April 27, 2017
        • John #

          Dave – you’re part of the problem with that sort of thinking. Being anti-CARD is your prerogative, but it is incredibly narrow minded (and insulting) to assume those protesting are only doing so because CARD have brainwashed them.

          April 28, 2017
        • Fair play Dave. Each to their own. I’d like to understand the reasoning behind your support of RD and KM if you are prepared to tell us.

          April 28, 2017
          • Jh #

            I’m with Dave.
            I don’t think he’s not supporting RD and KM per se – just making the point that that the CARD agenda is just too simplistic and too negative. Get out – Sell the club – We hate you. Well yes ..but to sell to who and then what??

            But then a lot of people seem to be attracted to the simplistic and negative – step forward Mr Trump

            April 28, 2017
          • Dave #

            Support for rd and km – not a chance although looking at cold hard facts, 60m pumped in despite the shortcomings is more than anyone else has been prepared to do.
            Is it me or am I alone in opposing both rd and card? It’s just that in most walks of life, if you openly object to something aren’t you normally supposed to come up with a viable alternative?
            Put up or shut up my old boss you to say to me – in other words, buy the club yourself or find someone that’s willing and able, else wise please don’t lob toys on the pitch, you just make us look like a bunch of prats

            April 29, 2017
  2. DarrzzettBum #

    Great video, very well made

    April 26, 2017
  3. Doreen Ramzan #

    Dave your talking rubbish what previous owner sold all our best players and brought his.own players most of them couldn’t play football or speak English wake up???????

    April 28, 2017

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