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Meire’s incompetence part 457

If Dave’s list of Katrien Meire’s ‘accomplishments’ was not enough, yesterday the club announced that the CEO has now presided over another loss making year for the football club.

Charlton reported a £13.5m loss for the 2015-16 season, up by £9.5m on the 12 months previous. The club claimed that there were increased costs of nearly £4m, which largely went on January transfers and salaries. Charlton Athletic’s total debt now stands at £65.2m and total staff costs were £14.06m, which was scarily 116% of turnover.

The incompetence is mind blowing yet Meire and her couple hundred of thousand salary remains. The January transfer business of bringing in an assortment of loans – Yaya Sanogo, Rod Fanni, Marco Motta, Yun Suk-young and Rhys Williams (remember him?) plus the expensive signing of Jorge Teixeira and how can we forget fan’s favourite Roger Johnson on a 18-month contract couldn’t have back fired more.

The day the window opened in January 2016 we were two points from safety and when it closed we were one point from safety. We were relegated by 9 whole points.

The player sales of Gudmundsson, Cousins, Pope, Harriott, Lookman and Fox would not be included but a negative amount of £623,000 is, which is listed as staff restructuring, i.e. the sacking of Guy Luzon, Karel Fraye and Jose Riga plus a collection of coaches and assistants.

The club states: “These levels of losses are clearly unsustainable and will not be repeated. This financial result is reflective of the disappointing season on the pitch.”

Those figures are staggering and frightening and underlines Meire’s complete incompetence. No other business would she be allowed to remain in her position, although once again none of the CEO’s compensation costs appear in the club’s official accounts. And why crackpot Duchatelet continues to allow Meire to not only run the club, but make decisions and spend his hard earned money is utterly mystifying.

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  1. She must be a friend with benefits.

    March 31, 2017
  2. CECSE7 #


    April 1, 2017
  3. BMOB #

    Why has my comment been deleted??

    April 1, 2017

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