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Unity Protest update 

From CARD:

Charlton fans organising Saturday’s Unity Protest against the club’s owner Roland Duchatelet in his home town of Sint-Truiden have confirmed that every seat on the two coaches travelling has now been sold.

Dozens more protestors are travelling to Belgium by Eurostar and local rail services as well as private cars, with up to 250 supporters of the London club expected to march through the town ahead of the local team’s Jupiler League match against Eupen at 8pm local time.

They will be joined by disaffected Sint-Truiden (STVV) fans who recently announced the launch of GrAS, their own protest group, urging Duchatelet either to run their club on a competitive basis or sell it to someone else who will.

Media interest in Saturday’s protest is already high, with both BBC and ITV sending a camera team on board the coaches, and other reporters expected.

The protest has been planned jointly by the Coalition Against Roland Duchatelet (CARD), including Women Against the Regime (WAR), and the Belgium 20, who have previously confronted Duchatelet at the Sint-Truiden stadium, Stayen.
Charlton protest band The 2percent will play a set at 4pm ahead of the main march.

A CARD spokesperson said : “A huge amount of planning has gone into Saturday’s demonstration and we are grateful to the police, both here and in Belgium, for their assistance in making sure everything is in place.

“The response from Charlton fans of all ages and both genders has been magnificent and we know they will acquit themselves well on the day. The numbers in Belgium alone give the lie to Duchatelet’s claim that the protests are down to ‘a few hotheads who were shown the door’.

“Hundreds of people do not spend 12 hours and their own money travelling to Belgium and back for a march for any other reason than their passion for Charlton and shared conviction that Duchatelet is destroying the club.

“What’s more, we are putting him on notice that he can expect to be embarrassed and upset for as long as it takes to persuade him to sell up, just as he has caused so much frustration and unhappiness to Charlton fans over the last three years. We will act lawfully, but we will never leave him in peace.”

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  1. I’m sorry to say. Protest no matter how well organised have a in build chance of turning into mayhem. We have only to cast our minds back to all the unrest we had to endure from various people versus the system over a period when the slightest move not on the agenda ignited the cinders and all hell broke lose.
    Does the club really need anymore TV or bad press?
    Charlton has been exposed and laughed at from all walks of life throughout the footballing world simply because of the antics that have lowered a well respected club into the joke it has now become.
    And before you say it is all Duchatelets fault. I would like to remind you, he did not generate the hate that has now become over the top. This was trumped up by CARD and all the gullable supporters who have followed this organisation into the depth it has sunk too.
    I also want a Charlton that is stable and can once again hold our head high amongst it’s peers.
    Taking the fight to Belgium to force Roland’s hand gaurentee’s diddly squad. If three years has not even dented his hold then the effort of 250 or so don’t have snowballs chance in hell to win the day.
    I’m fearfull that all this will do is tighten the grip and the result will stangle the remaining life left in this club.

    March 3, 2017
    • 47 years a fan #

      Thank goodness the salvation of our club, sliding into league 2, is not in your hands! So negative.

      March 3, 2017
    • Ah yes, it’s the fans fault isn’t it. The fans fault that we have lost 40% of our support. The fans fault that we have had 7 managers in 3 years. The fans fault that we are now in relegation battle to League 2, the lowest position in our 111 history. You sit back and watch the the destruction of our club my friend if it makes you happy. The Standard Liege fans have already shown that change can be forced.

      March 3, 2017
  2. Nigel Reddick #

    So GA, you are advocating we do…nothing? You think that CARD has exposed Charlton to ridicule throughout the football world, and Duchatelet did not generate the hate that is now over the top.

    A few other thoughts for you. If Charlton fans had not acted after being evicted from the Valley, in all probability we still be at Selhurst, or possibly out of existence due to low gates. I have not seen one media article ridiculing Charlton fans or protests – all of them have either praised them or simply reported upon them. Most of all it has helped to get unsuitable owners on the agenda. Hatred towards Roland has come from Standard and now St Truiden fans. Don’t think CARD is to blame for that do you? But there is a common factor – you do the maths.

    The fans travelling to Belgium are legends – they are spending time and money “fighting” for their club. And I salute them.

    Pembury Addick

    March 3, 2017
  3. Blackheath Addick #

    Echo your comments and sentiments CA & PA. I’m not clear whether GA is against the protests because he or she feels they are ineffective or because they are unjustified. They are not just justified, they are necessary. Whether or not they work is another matter. To suggest that CARD supporters are gullible I find offensive and the suggestion that CARD has fostered hate is just wrong.

    March 3, 2017
  4. Ken Shabby #

    There was a fans meeting last week where KM and Richard Murray both complained that the protests are having a negative effect on the club. Murray said the players don’t like them, while KM chipped in by saying it made negatiating with new players harder.
    Well sorry, what protests have occurred this season. There was some singing at Bury and Swindon away, and it is starting to reappear as results go down the drain, but this is pushed by another season of failure on the pitch. Trying to get decent players in would probably not be helped by the managerial merry-go-round at the Valley, and that the managers who have been sacked have all complained about how the club is run.
    It’s sweet to see KM back to her best when it comes to blaming others for her own incompetence. Richard Murray also seems determined to pile more ridicule on the ashes of his reputation – several fans on another forum were complaining today of having their shares reduced to worthlessness by that man at a shareholders meeting.
    While a few seem determined to claim that everything is hunky dory and the fans are the problem, the truth is a lot of the fans have simply gone – even KM admitted last week that attendances are worse than the figures being published as around 3000 ST holders can’t be bothered to turn up.
    Against this background, it is a fantastic effort by those going to Belgium. There are no guarantees, just as the Back to the Valley group had no guarantee they would ever be rewarded with victory. But sitting back and doing nothing will see us enter tier 4 for the first time in our history, and no amount of platitudes about having learnt from mistakes will hide that grotesque failure. Thank you to all the Belgian protesters from one who can’t be there.
    Ken Shabby

    March 3, 2017
  5. Mark #

    …If you don’t fight for something then you’ll never win anything…..

    I’d rather see people fighting to save my club than to sit idly by and watch it sink into oblivion via division 2 and the National League – which is surely where we are heading under this despicable regime.

    Good luck to all of you travelling to both Northampton and Belgium, I for one, salute you.

    March 3, 2017
  6. Steve #

    Fair play to the armchair army – at least they’re getting off their backsides on a Saturday afternoon.
    Don’t forget the plastic pigs lads, vital weapon in the war against the geezer who pays the bills.
    No hard feelings, each to their own – safe travels, I’m joining the dark side again and off to Northampton.

    March 3, 2017
    • Yep I was there too. Gives me a lot of hope for the future under Roland.

      March 4, 2017
  7. Steve #

    Well that was interesting – regardless of performance, lack of passion, shots, etc etc don’t think I’ve ever been so embarrassed, ashamed and depressed to be a Charlton fan.
    The behaviour of my compatriots beggars belief – why anyone would want to play for us I don’t know – just take a look at the reaction of the intelligencia behind the goal towards Rudd after the first goal – don’t anyone try and tell me they’re real fans – if they are we can do without them, 7k at the valley or not.
    If they’re that dissafected wish they’d F off down the den, would fit in well

    March 4, 2017

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