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Robinson’s interview

Whilst I stared into the abyss rubbing my eyes after listening to Karl Robinson’s on pitch press conference last night pondering if I could somehow put my dumbfounded words into a post, I was beaten to it as I tried to draw words together in my mind by Dave and Rick.

I will not be able to put as much colour and significance around Robinson’s rant as those two gents did, so please read them first and then come back here for an attempted epilogue.

As they used to say about George Bush, you’d have a beer with Robinson, he would be quite entertaining and would obviously tell you every inner most secret. I want to see him given time. I want him to be the sort of marmite character that if he’s not yours, you’d absolutely detest him, but if he is yours then you may cringe occasionally, but generally you will love his winning idiosyncrasies. The key word there being ‘winning.’

Robinson’s first problem is he is not winning and he has not been a football winner since the summer of 2015. His turn of phrases, nonsensical answering a question with a question and pre-match tactical masterclasses have become old very quickly with the underlying theme since day one being the blame of everyone else accept himself.

Last night’s incredulous attack on the players and some old cock and bull about what happened before the game was at best ignominious. Yes there is a very dark and massive cloud hanging over the club but if that is news to Robinson then he is more stupid than he looks.

But the fact is as Rick eloquently points out, the majority of this team, and the squad for what it is, should not be tainted by manager changes and the fan’s anger towards Roland Duchatelet and Katrien Meire. Footballers notoriously live in their own bubble caring not a jot about owners, history and off field politics. Robinson alongside his menagerie of coaches’ sole job is to build rapport, team spirit, and a tactical base that players can understand motivating and coaching them to the best of their ability.

Yes, Charlton Athletic is in a dogs mess and the slide is catastrophic but Robinson needs to stand on his own feet if he is a quarter as good as he tells us he is.

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  1. Well put and agree with it 200 per cent

    March 1, 2017

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