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Charlton Athletic 0 Oxford United 1

A new low, but with plenty of deep water below us to consume us.

The photos doing the rounds tonight of an empty Valley are utterly depressing. Thank you Roland for your legacy. We have been truly blessed.

Sadly I think we are nowhere near the bottom as now Karl Robinson struggles to control an ever more spiralling out of control football club. His post match interview blamed everyone and everybody and he talked of players he didn’t have. This after what he said was a good transfer window. Three points and no wins in the five games since and this with an almost entirely fully fit squad, although our displinary record is horrible. More fouling Robinson said when he joined if you remember.

That big mouth Karl will get you in trouble. Which reminds me. Please Karl no more pre-match team selection and formation chats. Stay in the dressing room, do what you are paid to do.

Getting rid Robinson would be crazy and only a crazed egomaniac without a plan would sack him….. But he needs to get a result. This February’s run to the play-off’s while those above us look nervously over their shoulders is rapidly turning into a relegation watch. Thank heavens for Kevin Nugent.

Part of Robinson’s problem is that he is insisting on a certain system and a formation, 4-2-3-1. He hasn’t the players to fit the system or more true is that Meire didn’t get him the players and/or Duchatelet wouldn’t sanction it. So like groundhog day we are stuck in this whirlwind of incompetence and lack of investment.

Tonight in isolation sounded a passionless and feeble performance in front of banks of empty seats with on loan Mavididi the only shining light. Bury for a fiver Saturday. Oh the excitement.

In the meantime Lee Bowyer has been brought in as permanent assistant first team coach. There are already three first team coaches – Simon Clark, Chris O’Loughlin and Richie Barker plus goalkeeping coach Lee Turner. Whether any can get a word in edgeways is another question.

Addick Bloggers at The Valley: Chris Powell’s Flat Cap; Doctor Kish.

Photo Acknowledgement: James Richard @aboutjimmy61

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  1. Exactly agee 200 per cent. Yes thankyou Owner for totally ruining the club I have supported for well over 55 years.

    February 21, 2017
  2. steve1957 #

    A new low indeed, CA. When I read your good time to play Us preview I thought you were looking for a ray of optimism and not necessarily believing what you were writing. Was I right?

    3 points in five games. It’s happened before, but against the teams we played? No disrespect to them but we should be winning games like that with our resources.

    I had two bets at the beginning of the season, one for Charlton to get promoted at rather low odds and what now seems to be a more realistic one of Charlton to get relegated. Must check the odds sometime but it was quite good!

    I don’t think I’ll be checking the price of air tickets to Brussels in early March though it’s almost tempting! I am in London in April with the Gillingham game the only one I can potentially make but I probably won’t bother, unless there are some protests in which case I might just join in.

    February 21, 2017
  3. Texas Addick. (Retired) #

    Well C.A., what can one say that has not been said already, one this for certain, crowds this size over time will be unsustainable for the club if no change is forthcoming very soon, my worry is it will give our “celibrated” owner an excuse to sell the ground for development.

    I dont like to be a dramatist but – my fear is The End Is Nigh – if we can not remove this cancer destroying our once great club.

    February 22, 2017
  4. Richard Tizzard #

    A woeful performance.Poor team selection both in terms of personnel and formation.The January transfer signings Page and Byrne look very mediocre. Mavididi looks promising but at this stage of his career should not be expected to play 90 mins Tony Watt has a bad attitude as demonstrated by his rants at Joe Aribo..As someone who regularly watches the U23s I think Dijksteel should be in the first team squad, at least on the subs bench where he could cover defence and defensive midfield positions.Despite have several senior players out on loan the U23s are still winning games because they are organised and play as a team.George Lapslie, a midfield playmaker who was captain of the U18s last season should also be given an opportunity before the end of the season.

    February 22, 2017
  5. Mark #

    Ze meister plan of ze owner ees vorking very well. Run down ze club, empty ze seats, make ze ground too big for ze club – Bingo…. sell off ze ground for ze redevelopment und only zhen sell and take ze massive profit.

    Lee Bowyer as first team coach? Great – but get him on the pitch… even at his advanced age he can’t do any worse than what has been seen in the last few games in SE7.

    The Liverpool Lip needs to stop spouting off in public and act more like a football manager and concentrate on the job in hand, for which one presumes he is well paid. He needs to have a range of tactics up his sleeve to use depending upon the opponents and what happens out on the pitch. Sadly little of that has been seen since he arrived in SE7 and, like the owner, he seems to be just another one-trip pony…. and we all know what comes out of ponies.

    February 22, 2017
  6. 9101…. Still, that’s 51 more than the mob down the road last night and they’ve just knocked 3 Premiershuip teams out the cup, on the promotion push and the run of their lives. Piss poor.

    February 22, 2017
  7. LP #

    Hope to see you in Belgium CA. Don’t do boats but will get there by hook or by crook (or train). This man has just got to go and I can’t sit back and watch and do nothing. I didn’t go last night – it was simply too predictable and too painful – I can’t stand the sight of the empty East Stand. But its hard for me to be indoors when they are playing as we are next door, so we went to the pictures instead – Fences. Dear god that was hard work midweek. Not the sort of film our beloved Lee Bowyer would be seen dead watching (his return a new all-time low for me – he’d be far more comfortable up the road with the scum). And still the first thing we did when we could switch the phone back on was check the score. It breaks my heart but I’m not giving up.
    I don’t expect the players to care – who of them will be there next season? Same goes for the head coach. This season is over and I’m really glad I don’t have a season ticket. Will no doubt be quite the film critic soon.

    February 22, 2017
  8. Mark #

    LP – the real problem is ….. who of us will be there next season to watch yet another season of dross?
    That, of course, merely plays into the hands of RD – the withering spiral of support is just what he wants, the fewer fans in the ground the less justification for the club to play at a large under-utilised stadium such as The Valley which justifies his claim that the club need a smaller ground and he can sell the Valley for housing and make his fortune.

    See where we are going? I personally cannot justify the cost of spending half a day travelling by train to the Valley to watch what is on offer – and am therefore indirectly playing into RD’s little game.
    The only thing we can do is to get rid of him – if he stays, our club is doomed.

    February 23, 2017
  9. Mark #

    CA – please delete the drivel from the Forum’s resident idiot as other bloggers do. I maintain that anyone has the right to hold a contrary opinion to my own – but a2c’s ongoing mockney drivel just doesn’t make any sense to anyone but him/herself.

    February 23, 2017

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