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Onto Belgium

Throwing beach balls, pigs and taxis on the pitch captured the media attention and wound Katrien Meire up into a complete fluster, and now to complete silence, muffled at a cost of hundreds of thousands of pounds by numerous PR so called experts. The prolonged and creative demonstrations made their point loud and clear and with it brought the football world to take notice of our desparate plight under an owner seemingly running our historic football club off a cliff.

Pitch invasions, game interruptions, joint fan demonstrations, mock funerals, banners, songs, sit-in’s, airplane protests, you name it has done nothing really to shake Roland Duchatelet from his make believe world of how customers of professional football clubs should not aspire to success but dance and eat together, and applaud young players farmed off for the highest amount of money that is not reinvested for the betterment of the club.

I have said for a long while now that we have to take the protests to Duchatelet, to his own turf, on his doorstep face to face. He patently hasn’t really given a monkeys about The Valley demonstrations as Meire alongside an attempted PR machine allied to that of Democratic People’s Republic of Korea have shielded him from it and sugar coated any messaging.

But it was clear after the Belgium 20 showed up at his cheap and cheerful 70th birthday lunch that it got to him.

Likewise the mass dropping of flyers in his and Meire’s home towns, the personal delivery of hundreds of letters and cards to the owner, joint in-stadium demonstrations with St Truiden fans plus the ingenious London taxi march through Belgium garnering maximum publicity and timed with the birthday gatecrash I don’t think it was any coincidence that Russell Slade was sacked at that point as Roly foamed at the mouth.

Even with the play-off’s a distant, forlorn hope, Karl Robinson and the players, who for once look at least like they are united and harmonious, deserve our backing and support. Meire, Murray and Duchatelet will be quick to blame fans for the team’s failings, and I’m big on supporting the team and not the regime.

So the time has come and it is time.

The Unity Protest combining CARD, the Belgium 20, The 2 Percent and the recently formed Women Against the Regime (WAR), a group formed by female Addick’s aghast at the continual incompetence of the female CEO and Duchatelet’s insistence that she is only castigated because of her sex.

The Unity Protest on Saturday 4th March has been organized in fine detail by Addicks behind the scenes. There are heavily discounted coaches running from various pick up points with an option of either a day trip or an overnight stay with a variety of hotels being offered in St Truiden (although Duchatelet’s own stadium hotel has had none or little take up) and nearby Hasselt.

More and more STVV fans are making it clear that they will join Addicks in the Grote Markt before their live televised game at home Saturday evening to local rivals Eupen before marching together in a loud, colourful and impactful way to Roly’s beloved Stayen Stadium, where ambition has been shown in the infrastructure but STVV fans are told not to expect it on the pitch as Da Kanaries flounder around the bottom of the table. Although with only one team relegated survival does look ensured.

Before the march a buffet in a protest-friendly bar has been organized and has since sold out, which will allow the following of our fortunes up at Northampton. Afterwards the protest band 2% perform live in the STVV Supporters Bar, Kanarie.

Those that want to go to the game, and I encourage many to do that, then please continue the protests peacefully and within the law.

Thus far around 250 Addicks have committed to taking our protests to Duchatelet’s heartland. To embarrass him, to bother him, to perturb him.

My brother and I are seriously considering a trip, a historic weekend. For the memories, for the future of our football club that has been ambushed by this birdbrained, senseless and crackpot professor and his incompetent CEO.

Anyone wanting more information on the Unity Protest should email

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  1. Great news that they have their blessing. I suspect this was sought not becasue it was needed but in case the other side tried to spin in it into some kind of unlawful protest. Also great that the St Truden locals and WAR are participating too – no longer just a bunch of (e)xenophobic and sexist bunch of vermin as our millwall friend likes to refer to us….

    As for Roland’s response to the the planned protest: “a few hot heads who previously worked directly or indirectly for the club and who were shown the door due to their rebellious and rowdy attitude” – just goes to show how deluded and bonkers he really is!

    I hope this action will talked about in future years as as significant in the clubs history as the efforts fans took to get the club back to The Valley.

    February 21, 2017
  2. Rod Hough #

    Well done all .have a fun weekend with Mr deuchalet .Give him hell !! didn’t know if coaches were disabled friendly hope so for next trip !!

    February 24, 2017

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