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Rochdale 3 Charlton Athletic 3

I’m not really on board with those that have declared today a good point. I may be living in the dark ages but a last minute equalizer at Rochdale in front of 2,842 is hardly the start of a new dawn. Rochdale had failed to score in their last 5 games!

We did score 3 goals which is pleasing but according to the commentary our defending was woeful especially for Dale’s 3rd. We were also ahead but somehow should be pleased with a point, although to his credit Robinson wasn’t. 3 points from 12 and another game is ticked off from a monotonous season with our mid table mediocrity looking intact.

But Roly will be pleased. We are not here to be ambitious of course, but to have us being entertained by exciting games and watching other club’s stars of the future. I am sure the 400 or so Addicks all had a good dance at the final whistle.

I worry for Robinson, he’s about the best we are going to get with ‘this lot’ and I personally think that he is a mid to long term builder of a football club. Whether is he able or not, I don’t know, but he certainly understands how good clubs are structured and sculptured. That takes time, patience and investment as well as good communication upwards and downward.

Roland Duchatelet has never shown any of those qualities and the fact is Slade was outed for Robinson to bring a play-off place. I cannot see us putting a run of results together to achieve that, and I would not be at all surprised if trigger happy Duchatelet is watching these next 3 games very closely.

Robinson needs time. I sincerely hope he gets it.

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