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Kevin Nugent

Without the 7 points that we picked up under Kevin Nugent’s interim reign we would be 19th and 3 points off relegation. When Karl Robinson came in he sung Nugent’s praises but quickly phased him out and replaced him with Richie Barker. Once when asked of Nugent’s whereabouts our Karl, never one to shirk a reporter’s question, replied that he hadn’t seen him.

Kevin had become another Charlton employee still being paid but not actually working or contributing at the club. Every decision better than the last.

Fast forward a few months and today it is announced that Nugent will become Barnet’s first team manager. And to witness a tale of two differing ways to communicate to your fan base read both Charlton’s and Barnet’s press statements.

It was said at the time of Karl Robinson’s appointment that Nugent didn’t want to be Addicks’ manager, but he obviously wants to work for Tony Kleanthous, who has continued in the face of adversity to take Barnet football club forward and Nugent has a great opportunity to get the Bees into the play-offs. Good luck Kevin.

That reminds me. Has anyone seen Simon Clark recently?

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  1. DarrzzettBum #

    Gawd blimey, I, for the record, consider KR to be a good manager of our 1st team going forward, only time will tell & of course our bleedin’ owner influence, if I am of compus mentus mind. KR needs his own people around him and of course the squad of players. Any leader of a team/enterprise/charity/Cooperative/army etc….. has their own people around them.

    However the Bee’s positive website announcement in comparison to our perfunctory couple of sentences will only result in a couple of Div 1 games next season (assuming they do get promoted and us not relegated), whereby we get stuffed by Barnet twice over.

    Never known a time in my life when I was so disenchanted & disenfranchised with football.

    Love Eddie Jones and England RFU.

    February 16, 2017
  2. Everything CAFC is rotten to the core including pmsl the in house media teams, Charlton life and Charlton Live. Get out all of you.
    Shameful indeed

    February 16, 2017
  3. a2c #

    Yourn the exenophobes are rotten, pure vermin.

    February 18, 2017
    • BMOB #

      Learn to spell you rotten fucking raspberry c***

      February 18, 2017
      • It’s a family show BMOB. But I missed the exonophobe mad nut job’s latest comment. But I did like your replay but slightly PG’d it 👌

        February 19, 2017

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