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Transfer deadline

Just two days to go before the bloke from Sky Sports wets himself on national telly.

January is notoriously a tricky month to improve squads for the long term. Robinson has consistently talked a long term strategy flying in the face of anything we have witnessed under this regime. “In an ideal world I want to buy a player that’s ours, is under 24 years of age and can drive us forward. Not an older player, we’ve got enough older players with quality. I want to add someone who can give us some longevity.” (more)

Yep, in a ideal world Uncle Roly will allow you that marquee signing that you enthused about last week Karl, but it’s unlikely isn’t it. Just like installing the underground heating with no heating, Duchatelet will do the bare minimum to take the club forward, all the while selling young prospects of any value, loading the club with debt, and making empty promises, some of which are downright lies.

I may be a broken record, and I apologize, and I’m warming to Robinson, but with 60% of the season gone there really is nothing to shout from the rooftops about. Trailing Rochdale, Southend, Bristol Rovers and Fleetwood is pretty lamentable, and there should be no excuses if we fail to beat the latter on Saturday.

Yet Robinson is starting to influence the way we play and results. He is also moulding his team. Some players have slipped out of favour and some have come to the forefront. The arrival of Aribo and Konsa a huge bonus just like Gomez and Lookman were to Robinson’s predecessors. All the while back in Belgium, a man rubs his hands.

The squad is stronger, maybe commensurate in numbers, especially with injuries and suspension’s continuing to hurt us. The jury may still be out at this moment whether it is better in quality, but it is definitely better in options and dynamism for Robinson as he slowly changes the style of our play and attempts to build for the future.

Saturday was a good win, and the top 6 looks a little more achievable, but hey Roland, break with tradition and allow the latest man you have charged to stem the downward spiral you have brought on our great club the opportunity to build something. However alien that maybe to you.

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