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Fresh powder

I have been in Colorado since Sunday night at the spotless and snowy Beaver Creek, which is about 13 miles from Vail. 50cm of snow has fallen since we arrived and the four mountains (Beaver Creek, Grouse Peak, Bachelor Gulch and Arrowhead) which make up the resort are awash with fresh powder.

I went on a snowmobile tour yesterday which was exhilarating. Two and a half hours flying along snowy trails hugging mountain ridges and forests with panoramic views of Vail’s back bowls and surrounding ranges. Our guide Perry was straight out of a marijuana dispensary, and was no slouch when it came to leading us through the 20-mile trail.

My confidence grew on the ski-doo which Perry described as a cross between a quad bike, a moped and a horse. I think he may have spent too much time in the dispensary. Anyway right near the end I got a bit too cocky on a bend and ended up in about 4ft of snow and took a tumble. It was a soft landing and didn’t detract from an awesome afternoon.

Like on the previous 4 visits out here I’m staying at the Ritz Carlton which stands magnificently at the foot of Bachelor Gulch like a wooden citadel. It is a stunning property with it’s burning log fires, their own very cuddly St Bernard roaming the lobby and ski lift right outside.

Back home tomorrow For full disclosure I’m  actually here on a work trip, so it hasn’t all been fun and games, well….

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  1. Bob Miller #

    As one who did a lot of snowmobiling in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, I can relate to the exhilaration of blasting along through scenic winter countryside! On the other hand, CA, you are totally “p###ing me off with jealousy with the fact you are staying in a wonderul Ritz Carton (have stayed in many) at the base of a magnificent ski hill! #greatenjoyment

    January 25, 2017
  2. Mark #

    I’m disappointed in you CA …. the very least you could have done would be to invite NightMeire along with you – preferably on a one-way ticket – and given us all a break from her ongoing cock-ups in the foggy, cold UK. In fact, she would have made a wonderful snow-woman…..!!

    Instead you left her here with us to witness yet another in a long line of her cock-ups come back to haunt the club by way of that immoveable object El Hadji Ba who, unsurprisingly, is not willing to give up his lucrative long term contract at the Valley in return for playing in the wilds of Europe.
    You truly couldn’t make it up – but it just goes to prove that nepotism is alive and well down in the Valley.

    IF only we could transfer NightMeire full time to the FA ….. they really do deserve each-other!

    January 26, 2017

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