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Charlton Athletic 0 Millwall 0

I think the biggest thing for me today was the atmosphere and the heartwarming sight of seeing the Covered End packed. There’s been some depressing sights at The Valley this season with woefully low attendances and depressingly soulless atmosphere’ but today showed what can be.

Although I’m on the fence with Karl Robinson, there is no denying his passion for the game and his new club. It’s a building block, and allowed time Robinson could make a real difference, even though our owner is intent on selling all of the concrete.

Today sounded like a typically frantic local derby, little on skill, but high on tumbles and yellow cards, although Tex got a red at the end for throwing the ball at a Millwall player. Fortunately the rules are such that you can’t yet get sent off for passing to an opposition player, because that would do for us!

Robinson came into the press conference complete with laptop to show the referee’s abysmal decision to disallow Bauer’s goal. I’ve seen it and there is a little argument but we will never get those decisions in these games.

Whilst 3 points may have been 2 more than we deserved luck does not follow us easily around, like losing Lewis Page on his debut and Josh Magennis to injury within 20 minutes. The loss of Magennis was a big one as Watt cannot play the loan striker and was sucking wind, but the Scot was warmly welcomed by The Valley faithful and I’d like nothing more for him to be a SE7 legend.

Anyway a much more battling performance for the badge, as Karl likes to mention, than the embarrassment at The Den and a point then in our march to midtable. I still fail to see anything more unless Robinson can add more players. Nicky Ajose not in the starting line up I assume a prelude to him being moved on.

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  1. LP #

    I know what you mean CA about our new head coach but I cannot invest any emotional energy in yet someone else who won’t be around for 5 minutes – I feel sorry for them all but cannot understand why they even want to come to our club. But I’m glad he got a sight of a few more of our fans yesterday and maybe got a feel for what it could be like when these people get out of our lives. Will he be around then? So we had yet another lot of new players yesterday who I spent the game trying to work out who was who – how many more times is this going to happen? If KR had time to work with these players who knows – it could be good. I am so tired of it. I hate the loan system – again there is no point getting to like these players.
    On to other issues though – the Trust have got their dates for a pre-match meeting with KM, as well as Valley Gold. Is there any point at all me going to these when I only have one question, and it isn’t for her – its for him. WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO GO AWAY?

    January 15, 2017

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