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My 2016 Top Five Favourite TV Shows

I’m a big TV series watcher, and there are some great shows out there both sides of the Atlantic. I often watch them belatedly taking recommendations from friends and then downloading whole seasons for airplane journeys or quiet evenings. I’m always up for new shows, so I’d like to hear any new suggestions.

It was tough to pick a Top Five, but I eventually did so here are my Top Five Favourite TV Shows that I watched in 2016:

1. Peaky Blinders 1 and 2
I’ve only seen series 1 and 2 but I loved this period drama which two words do it no justice whatsoever. I full you engulfed myself in the dark, violent world of the Brummie gangsters led by the haunted eyes of Tommy Shelby (photo). An historical drama it may have been but Peaky Blinders felt refreshingly new.

2. The Night Manager
A 6 episode mini BBC series adaptation of a le Carré novel. The Night Manager feels like a grown up Bond movie with handsome Tom Hiddlestone our hero. Baddie Hugh Laurie is brilliant as he combines menace, charm and humour. Both won Golden Globes last Sunday for their performances.

ae351011-7467-4eaa-aff5-c922423e14703. Happy Valley 1
Ex Corrie star Sarah Lancashire is top notch in this, playing a police sergeant in Calder Valley, Yorkshire. Cleverly constructed, it has a twisty crime thriller feel to it although we know all along who ‘did it’ So rather it’s a tale of female struggle and survival. Sister Siobhan Finneran is excellent too.

4. Orange is the new Black 1 and 2
Again I’m behind on this, but I was quickly drawn into the array of wonderful characters on the show. This is a powerful show that has humour, heartache and plenty of poignancy. Some of the acting by the ladies is phenomenal, and Orange is the new Black cleverly weaves in the inmate’s desperate past with their not so bright futures.

5. Billions 1
Damian Lewis (convincingly American again) and Paul Giamatti both excel in this, one a bad guy, one a good guy, but cleverly confused by some terrific writing. Short on technical detail but that’s alright because it’s not really about stocks and bonds but just two men with big egos. Michelle Siff is gorgeous in it as well.

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  1. Bob Miller #

    CA, we did “The Night Manager” and “Happy Valley,” enjoying both.
    Like you, we delay and then binge, so, as requested, here are others done in the past twelve months or perhaps a bit longer:
    Narcos – excellent two-parter
    Bloodline – very good – set in Florida Keys
    House of Cards (USA) – brilliant – Kevin Spacey at his best
    The Crown – elaborate, well done, but some dodgy casting in my mind

    Breaking Bad – incredible – the best since The Sopranos
    Better Call Saul (prequel to above) – superb
    The Killing – Set in Seattle – disturbing but very good

    Homeland – foreign intrigue
    Bosch – set in LA, based on the excellent crime novels of Michael Connelly

    All addictive watches!

    January 12, 2017
  2. Thanks Bob. Some of those I don’t know so will look into.

    Homeland I love and Breaking Bad was the best show of the last decade. I also was a big Mad Men fan as well.

    Now I avoided Better Call Saul because I didn’t want to be disappointed. You are not the only person who has told me it is good. Was it really?

    January 13, 2017
    • Bob Miller #

      CA, “Better Call Saul” was exceptional and there is more to come! The key is that one has to have watched “Breaking Bad” to fully appreciate the approach. It traces the development of the character who became or becomes “Saul,” Once again, it is the best! We can’t wait for the continuance which is coming soon.

      January 15, 2017

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