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Thin ice

A quick skip and a jump across the Atlantic to New York for two days for some work meetings with my boss and a few other fellows from across the continent. Short and sweet, and cold (photo), although not as cold in the Big Apple as it was this past weekend.

Bermuda weather has turned a little chilly as well, as it tends to in January for a month or two of what we nominally call winter.

Winter which doesn’t involve a coat, gloves or scarf, which I had to dig deep to find in the under the stairs closet early this morning whilst the cab driver got impatient.

Talking of winter in Bermuda, I took my daughter ice skating last weekend. There wasn’t any ice, in fact there wasn’t much skating. Bermudians, possibly the worst ice skaters in the world, up there with their driving.

Nonetheless an ingenious idea over the festive season to do something a little different and meaning a rare trip to St George’s where we were met with an oval  synthetic ice rink made of polymer panels locked together on top of some wood. It was a little like skating on wax but Bermudians never see ice, so it did the job.

St George’s still clamours for the hotel the town deserves, but that has just got nearer and life is definitely coming back to this historic spot of the island with a casino forming part of the new hotel plans as well as a planned 300% increase in cruise ship visits to the town for 2017. There will also be an improved ferry terminal to cope with the big increase in visitors owing to the Americas Cup as well.

The plastic ice rink packs up next week, but hopefully we’ll be back in St George’s soon.

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