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Elliot Lee rumoured 

Robert Lee’s youngest son Elliot has found himself in the rumour mill and his Dad hasn’t denied it. I know the Lee family pretty well and they always had high hopes of Elliot emulating his Dad but I think he stayed too long at West Ham and was probably a bit too comfortable there, although to be fair he did suffer from various managerial changes and at the point when he should have been knocking on the first team door Big Sam shunned him, much to Rob’s disgust.

Elliot moved to Barnsley in the summer on a free after being released by the Hammers and is on a two-year deal at Oakwell but after only a few sub appearances he would like to move back south. Any move to SE7, which was supported by his Dad on social media would probably be a loan. It is thought that Colchester United, where Lee has had two previous loan spells, were in the driving seat to sign him.

However Karl Robinson may want to add the mobile 22-year old to his squad. Lee has an eye for goal and can be quite effective playing behind a striker or out wide, where Robinson is looking to strengthen.

Talking of strengthening, Robinson today strangely said that his current January deals have meant “we’ve reduced the age of the team, increased the energy and hopefully increased the excitement.” (more)

Um, we have sold one of the best young players outside of the Premiership, who is 19 and signed a replacement from Chelsea who has never played a first team game. We sold Morgan Fox who has played over 100 games and signed someone from West Ham, who has played 20 odd games at loan this season at Coventry and a midfielder in Forster Caskey, who does offer potential. We also released the experienced Kevin Foley, who instantly linked up with Russell Slade at Coventry.

One more in this week according to Robinson, which will involve a fee, which at a wild guess will be undisclosed. I wonder if there will be anymore out? It would not surprise me in the slightest.

Igor Vetokele, who is still registered to Charlton, moved last week from Zulte Waregem to St Truiden on loan. A network move if ever I saw one. Igor started just 6 games for Waregem but never scored.

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  1. Steve Clarke #

    Interesting points. Football at League One level (and to an extent Championship) relies heavily on cast-offs – or cast-offs in waiting – from the Premier League, so I suppose we have to take our turn in that queue. There seems little flow of players stepping up from National League or below, and even precious few from League Two.

    I sense the Lookman deal was to all intents and purposes done before Karl Robinson joined, and while we all are sorry that once again we’ve only witnessed a tiny taste of what he can do, this is the way of the world.

    The key question is what will happen to the ‘undisclosed’ transfer fee? Assuming we got, say, £6m up front, we will barely scratch the surface on the cost of incoming players. So where will the substantial balance go? To reduce Roland’s debt? Provide further investment in the youth infrastructure? Or what?

    The c£50m, and growing, debt is a cause of serious concern, making a potential sale more difficult by the month and putting the Club’s whole future in greater jeopardy. In these days when the Club wants to demonstrate their transparency in dealing with the fans, we’d like to know where the money is going.

    January 9, 2017
  2. Not comfortable with your liberal use of “We”, Mr. Clarke. Speak for yourself, mate. But thanks for telling us great unwashed what you ‘Sense’ and what the ‘Key question is’. You must feel pretty important to write with such condescension. And you seriously expect that the person who pours all the money into the club is answerable to you regarding his finances?
    Now here’s a thought: Buy a ticket, go to the game, cheer the lads on. Its called being a football supporter. “We” got some decent new signings, by the way. Just saying.

    January 9, 2017
    • I can’t speak of course for Steve Clarke but I doubt that he or anybody else believes that RD is answerable to anybody regarding ‘his finances’. But, given that the colossal debt accrued is financed in the form of loans from his main business interests (and therefore protected and if necessary recoverable through asset sales)) it isn’t ‘his finances’ that are in focus but those of CAFC. Success on the pitch is absolutely essential to getting the debt reduced but there is no doubt in my mind that any progress will not be sustainable under this owner simply because he has no ambition for it Not only is that plain for all to see simply by observation of how the club has and is being run it’s also the only conclusion possible from reading transcripts of his latest interviews. If post-match chit chat and dancing is your thing then fine but don’t expect all those fans who are staying away to buy into that crap.

      January 10, 2017
      • From the prescient @Grapevine49 on CL

        “I estimate with 2 more signings this regime will have employed circa 127 players in 37 months. I am happy to be corrected.

        It equates to a new recruit every 9 days or an average of 3.4 players per month.

        Since season 2005/6 season I estimate the club will have employed circa 280 players.

        In 8 seasons before this regime that means the club recruited circa 153 players or an average of 1.30 players per month.

        It suggests this regime is generating at least two & half times that level of player recruitment.

        I will leave you to draw your own conclusions.”

        I think we are right to question motives.

        January 10, 2017
        • Absolutely right CA. Charlton, as some have pointed out in defence of RD,
          have always been a selling club. It has been and always will be how clubs outside of the elite few have to operate in order to survive and most reasonable supporters understand that reality. But that is totally different from having a POLICY of producing players with the sole aim of selling them on to higher status clubs for large fees, that is different territory altogether and cannot be explained away by the we-have-always-been-a-selling-club apologists.

          January 10, 2017

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