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My 2016 Top Five Favourite Restaurants

Next up in my Top Fives involves eating, which I appear to do a lot off. I am lucky to eat out a lot, although mostly not with people I would hand pick, but still I did get to some very nice places in 2016, with I’ll add some very nice people .

Here are my Top Five Favourite Restaurants of last year:

1. Del Posto, New York
Described as Manhattan’s grand theatre of Italian dining, I adored this place in Chelsea Village. The interior of the restaurant is full of timeless spendour with its sweeping staircase, crisp white table cloths and crystal candle globes.

The food was just about perfect. We did one of the tasting menu options and every bite was heavenly. We were given a tour of the sumptuous wine room by staff who were fantastic and my night in Del Posto was one of my favourites of last year.

Del Posto Website

2. Thames Oyster House, Baltimore
This was a great find. I’m not an oyster man but under duress I held my nose and necked an oyster shooter because you should. Nonetheless the menu had some excellent choices and the swordfish, crab cake and lobster mac and cheese were all to die for. The place had a great atmosphere and our server was ace. We loved it.

img_1402Thames Oyster House Website

3. Oblix, London
I took my son here as a treat. The trouble was I didn’t make a reservation and had to blag our way in, which impressed my boy if nothing else. We managed to secure great seats sat at the window looking out onto London’s magnificent skyline.

We shared some dishes and the food was very good. It wasn’t cheap but there is a view to pay for, but it was worth it and my son and I enjoyed it a lot.

Oblix Website

4. Cassia, Santa Monica, California

Now this was a cool place. Walking inside the cavernous restaurant, although it was cleverly separately into smaller rooms, Cassia had a whiff of charred meats and cool about it. Californian’s would call it a scene, and there were many, but the food was wonderful.

A French brasserie style Asian inspired menu was whacky and inspired and a big group of us shared far too much food that we had to go for cleansing ales after. Great place.

Cassia Website

img_14035. Trulucks, Dallas

Trulucks is a chain I found out but if they can replicate their tower of seafood in other places then bloody good on them because it looked like a dream and tasted even better. This uptown Dallas location was busy, there was a cocktail lounge downstairs but a group of us managed to get a table by the window upstairs and the food was delicious, especially the redfish pontchartrain main that I picked.

It wasn’t cheap, but we splashed out a bit on the wine and overdosed on desserts. The service was excellent too.

Trulucks Website 

Honourable mentions: Bavette, ChicagoFi’lia, Miami.

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  1. Bob Miller #

    CA, glad you were able to get over to Fell’s Point and enjoy The Thames Oyster House. I first visited Baltimore way back in the mid-sixties and the Inner Harbour was desolate and forboding. The transformation over the past number of years is remarkable, making Baltimore an ideal destination.

    January 8, 2017
  2. Bob Miller #

    CA, yes, I have been reading your year-end picks with interest, It doesn’t sound like you spent too much time in Toronto, but many feel it shares a great deal of similarities with your old home town of Chicago, to which I totally agree. Hamilton is but a short skip and a hop from TO, so if you find your way back this way, be sure to give us a heads-up.

    January 8, 2017

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