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Lookman leaves, Forster Caskey signs

I wish Ade well at Everton, and I’m pleased that he has signed for a ‘proper club’ with no disrespect to the Chelsea’s of the world, where he would just populate their burgeoning unused or pawned out talent pool.

We saw it coming so it is no surprise, nor is it that the fee is “undisclosed,” although thought to be £7.5m up front rising to £11m. Question now is how much will go into Duchatelet’s pocket and how much will be given to Robinson for his mid-season rebuilding quest. If rumours are true it is only thought to be a single digit percentage.

Katrien Meire, who has kept a low profile recently said: “We have a fantastic academy here and it is testament to everyone at the club that Charlton continues to develop high-quality young players.” She did not add this time that it’s great that we can watch them for a handful of months before watching them on MOTD in the Premier League playing for someone else. Welcome to Roly’s player farm.

Pinocchio did say earlier in the season in front of Bromley Addicks that Lookman would not be sold in the January window. The loan-back also didn’t happen, mostly though because Steve Walsh thinks that Lookman is ready to be around the Everton first team.

Shortly after Lookman’s move became official the club announced the signing of Brighton midfielder Jake Forster Carsley. Undisclosed obviously but I’m glad to see it is a permanent.

Still 22, Forster Caskey has good pedigree with his Dad being Darren Caskey and his Step Dad being Nicky Forster, once of SE7 parish.

My Brighton mate described him thus: “A decent young player for L1 but he needs to play and wasn’t getting a chance with the Albion for the simple reason he is not as good as Stephens, Kayal, Sidwell or Norwood so is 5th choice. He played a number of games for England U21 and also for the Albion so he has a good pedigree. I think he would do well with the right team as he is a good technical player but maybe lacks a little strength and needs to play in a midfield central three but we play with two so another reason he can’t get a game for us.”

I like that he has grown up in the Brighton academy, but I wonder why he has struggled at Rotherham but he is clearly not the only one their league position will suggest.

Welcome Jake and good luck.

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  1. Your dislike for Roland is very obvious. It is what it is. Football is a merry-go-round not all of us like the spin off it give and we need to accept that we will always lose player if they are good enough for a higher level.
    I do agree with you that he has gone to a club that will respect his talent and not have him become another maybe player sitting on the bench.
    I too wish him luck and think Jake Forster is a good signing specially being permanent.

    January 5, 2017
    • Grumpy – have I made myself clear 🙂

      My point is that our young players don’t even do a rotation on the merry go round. How long before he cashes in Konsa and Aribo? He did this all the while at Standard.

      January 5, 2017
  2. T.A #

    C.A., totally agree with you, as much as I would be one of the first to stand up and defend anyones right to have a say, I will not accept comments from so called club employees and so called supporters about how I feel towards the owner, the clubs CEO, or indeed the track they are taking our club down.

    I am a fan of soccer, and a supporter of the team I have followed for 65 years, since I was 5 years old, during my younger days there was no distractions as there are today with mobile phones – tablets – game consoles, you either played soccer, cricket or rugby, and looked forward to the weekends sport.

    As a young lad, and much the same applies now, was hoping, and dreaming that one day your club would be up with the best in the top league, you had an infinity with the players, your clubs hero’s, from the Johnny Summers and Marvin Hintons, to Derek Hales and Keith Peacock, you had that expectation and excitement, and the dreams of wanting your club to get promoted, that to me is a true supporter.

    What ever age I may be, when I see the woeful distruction of those dreams I had, when I see the likes of me, and there are many, who are told were just “customers”, when I am told my dreams should be of seeing our clubs younger players being sold off to play for Premier clubs, because our owner has no interest of geting there, then I have the absolute right to have my say, and demonstrate if I have to, to get my dreams back, to get my club back, because without the dream, without the expectations, without the belief, most of all without any of us standing up, our club is surely going to die.

    January 5, 2017
  3. TA, that in a nutshell is why Meire has no interest in the older fan base. You don’t get it. It is not the dreams, the hopes, the adulation of heroes. It is a social function, we should dance win, draw or lose, and we are weird to be that committed, that engaged, that in love to a consumer item.

    Just enjoy the chance to tell your mates over a pint of Belgium beer and a pulled pork sarnie that you were lucky to see Gomez play 20 odd games, Lookman 40 odd and Pope 30 odd before they were farmed on.

    January 5, 2017
  4. LP #

    Happy New Year CA – we got an award!!!
    Best Protest of the Year!!!

    Roly – you can sell them all as far as I’m concerned – as long as you take the money and go away.

    January 6, 2017

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