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Has Watt the balls? 

Karl Robinson has confirmed that Tony Watt will return for a 4th time in just two years. A move back to Scotland to be nearer family and play back in the SPL for Hearts has ended after signing for the season in July. Just 12 starts and a solitary goal (a last minute Hearts winner at the end of August) later the Scot is heading back to SE7 and his waterfront apartment.

Watt, who could easily gain hero status, has fallen over time and time again, and the 23-year old is now well and truly in the last chance hotel and Robinson knows it.

“What’s going to happen with Tony Watt, and I’ll tell you straight – he’s going to come here and I’m going to make him sweat and make him cry, and I’m going to see whether he’s got the balls to play for me.”

It’s pretty obvious that Watt wasn’t recalled but Hearts sent him back. He has real talent but his attitude has stunk just about every dressing room out that he has been in, although it is thought that he was still liked by the players. Morgan Fox and Watt were particularly close. It is also believed that he didn’t hold back on his feelings towards Katrien Meire.

Robinson appears to like a challenge, and loves to tell everyone about it. It would be great if Watt responded and we finally saw the best of him. Sadly I think the chances are remote.

Robinson also touched on the saga about the missing Kevin Nugent. Clearly forced out by the arrival of Richie Barker and Roly’s spy Chris Laughlin, Nugent was an obvious departure but once again the way it is being done leaves a lot to be desired. Nugent worked diligently and professionayly under Slade and somehow inspired a change in fortunes when he took over in between Slade and Robinson.

Bristol Rovers were beaten by Nugent’s side 5-1 last time out. Let us see how the return goes….

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  1. I can’t see anything other than disaster in regards to Watts return.

    We all know his attitude stinks but one has to question his desire to play football! Because regardless of how bad the environment surrounding him and I’m referring to that at charlton, surely his mind should be on one thing only and that’s playing football and giving his all for the team.

    Sadly he’s proved time and time again that that isn’t the case!

    January 2, 2017
  2. Richard Powell #

    I think the Robison will take him on, Robo sure has a gob on him and will enjoy the scrap Watt is talent and I welcome him Back I met him a couple of times, he is young man who needs direction. Great result today fun back at the Valley. Change your lenses you bloggers…

    January 2, 2017

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