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A social function

Wyn Grant found these quotes this morning and thanks to some good work by one of Charlton Life’s finest the whole interview with Duchatelet and his partner Mareike Höfte, who is the president and the front person of STVV, can be found here in two parts. Click part 1 and part 2.

I have paid close attention to Duchatelet and his family since they bought ‘my’ football club almost to the day 3 years ago, and I am convinced that they, more so him, are completely cuckoo.

He really has no concept of sporting integrity or ambition and the ultimate dream of any human being that has ever pulled on a pair of football boots or walked into a professional football club’s stadium for the first time.

He bought the wrong club, he possibly not only bought the wrong club, but also the wrong club in the wrong country. I wrote back in those early days of his reign that we were not a business transaction or an investment opportunity or a chance for an ambitious sports lover to realize a dream. We were a social experiment by a mad professor who thinks he can beat or better a 150-year old system.

The more I read his interviews I just want to bang my head on the table. He wants a social club not a competitive professional football club. He’s a fruit cake but I’m loving that he has suddenly taken to talking to the media regularly clearly taking no advice whatsoever from the herd of PR and marketing folk his lying niece keeps employing.

He really thinks he’s above any sensibilities and or sensitivities whatsoever. Honestly unless I missed that he invented fresh air, I am truly at a loss to know how he made a euro from business.

On this same day our front man Karl ‘I love an interview’ Robinson was back in front of the camera and to be honest he looked as if he had found a €5 note on the Eurostar but lost a £50! Maybe it was jetlag but Robinson wasn’t quite as upbeat after his and others meeting with The President in St Truiden.

We will have to see how January develops but with the only incoming rumours involving a couple of MK Dons players, the stories of Ademola Lookman to Everton and Morgan Fox to Sheffield Wednesday seem a hell of a lot more likely.

“The President has his theory on things, so he gave us his opinions on different situations.”

That sentence maybe worth repeating in a month’s time.

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  1. Oh so excellent post and may not listen to his bullshite from the Rat. I have already heard enough lies and deception
    Yes love the term and I have used something similar about Robbo “I love the media men” some and I say some a few I definately can not agree with ie Charlton Live and Charlton Official on F/b who block genuine comments.
    No on the last day of this window, let’s just see how many new faces come in, let alone any quality.
    Good to know Robbo stating the Rat know knows what type of players I want to bring in and why was this not done at his interview. Crikey plans should have been in place a month or so at least.
    What JJ said or really thinks would be amazing, but the goal is the Premiership,. Sorry not a chance, until this Owner and his sidekick goes and it will take years upon years if ever .

    December 29, 2016
  2. T.A #

    I am interested to see if Karl is true to his word, we know “our president” has no ambition for the Premiership other than selling our young players to Premiership clubs, in Karls Interview he states quote – ” If there is no ambition to reach the Premiership, it’s not worth being here”, so I would take it he would resign, interesting.

    December 30, 2016
  3. richard #

    Oh dear, i see what you mean about KR sounding a little less optimistic post meeting with Roland. “How was it?” He was asked. “It was good…” he replied as he touched his nose. I think perhaps the penny has dropped.

    December 30, 2016
  4. Excellent post as always and right on the nail. I have not been to the Valley for over a year and will not all the time RD AND more particularly KM are there. Although to be honest its beginning to hurt quite a bit. I know my family plan to celebrate my 60th year of supporting the club with a box and party at the Valley on a match day next November.Trouble is I am not sure I want it now

    December 30, 2016
    • It’s so upsetting to see comments like this. It is unbelievable how much RD and KM have alienated lifelong supporters. I really hope you can have the party you want and deserve @charltonafc

      December 30, 2016

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