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Time to stop the talking

The best motivational speakers and trainers are also very good listeners. I wonder if Karl Robinson listened today when he met the players individually?

Robinson hasn’t stopped talking since he walked in the door. He loves a media appearance, he loves a press conference and he is particularly fond of a pre-match tactics discussion. Sadly we are still waiting to witness one come good.

His Scouse cheeky-chappy tone has changed though. From the best job in the world, we will play open attacking football scoring goals at will, and what a great set of lads I have, some of whom are the best in the league, to not my fault, have you seen the mess I inherited here, I can’t wait to sign a new team in January. And I’ve got more injuries than a Friday night in A&E!

Yes Karl, such a mess that we had lost only once in nine until you pitched up.

Now what we don’t want is another managerial change. But Duchatelet sacked Slade because we were not in the promotion race and if things don’t improve on the pitch and if Robinson digs that hole any bigger, and doesn’t shut up and get down to work, then the old fruit loop will cast Robinson off with all the others.

Step forward Chris O’Louglin, who has done exactly what since he got off the Eurostar? Maybe I’m doing this nobody an injustice but how has he influenced the team for the better since he arrived?

And now we have Richie Barker on the training ground and in the dug out. Four coaches and we still can’t mark an opposition player in the penalty box or take a set piece. Not forgetting Thomas Drieson and his laptop, pencil, compass and protractor. Laughable.

So Karl, it is time to stop the talking and actually maybe skip the tactical pre-match video for Boxing Day and spend the Christmas period working out how to beat your old team, not talking about it. You’ve failed twice against them already.

We have two more games before the transfer window opens. We’ve heard previously Luzon, Peeters, Fraeye and Slade talk about the significance of transfer windows and for them to be ignored. Robinson is talking about a complete overhaul, something in normal circumstances is impossible in a January window.

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  1. Graham.Larkinson #

    We haven’t got the players! How the hell our club got a manager with integrity like our current is beyond me. He’s got to keep talking because words is all he has! Wake up!

    December 23, 2016
  2. For once I agree with your comments regarding our present position and the lack luster performances we are producing on the pitch. It is all very well to talk the talk but it becomes pointless if none of your players heed the words you are preaching.
    Robinson’s record since his arival is not great considering he moulded the Dons into a winning outfit while he was their manager.
    At the MK Dons his players probably listen to his words and acted upon them.
    At the Valley he has an entirely different scenario to deal with, and if he is using tactic that worked before he might not get the same response at Charlton.
    He is a experience manager and should recognise where the weaknesses lay. Sickness and injuries is no excuse for performances dished out to the faithful. I expect improvements forthcoming in the next game. Excuses don’t win games 90 minutes of football do.

    December 23, 2016
  3. CA, an excellent summation of Robinson’s tenure to date. I have always felt he wasn’t the the right fit for our club. In fact I’d struggle to name any. The sad thing is even Roly will feel obliged to give him the January window. As you rightly pointed out this is notoriously difficult for any manager even the most competent ones. Robinson is the latest in a long line of failed appointments across the whole club. The only decent one was Mel Baroni and she left of her own volition and that tells you everything.

    December 23, 2016
  4. Chris #

    “He (Karl) is not the messiah,,,,,,,,he’s a very naughty boy !!!!”

    December 23, 2016
  5. Couldn’t agree more.
    What’s happened to Nugent, has he now no role at the club?
    Shame we didn’t persuade him to carry on until January, just to see how it panned out.

    And now of course we have the carrot and stick, of the January transfer window, as if we’re going to sign some good players, when did that last happen?

    When pigs flew, I presume!

    December 23, 2016
    • I saw a list of coaches employed by Charlton since RD took over. It must have been 20. Now we have five on the training ground. Sums up RD’ haphazard and mismanagement.

      Agree on Nugent. He deserved longer.

      December 23, 2016
  6. Totally agree with your thoughts on this. I previously posted the following on ‘Picks’

    I have to wonder if this is another example of the so called hierarchy not knowing their a-r-s-e-s from their elbows.

    These players performed pretty well under Nugent, seemed comfortable with the more positive approach and got one or two decent results, even with the number of injured players.

    Why, in the middle of the Season would you bring someone in to completely change the system to one he openly admits does not suit the existing players? Why would you not do that in the Summer when there is time to get them up to speed and bring in the additions in time to gel? You would if you knew what the heck you were doing.

    Nugent was doing OK, certainly better than Slade, so if it ain’t broke why try to fix it? What is so special about Karl Robinson that everything had to be dropped to bring him in? I wonder if it was on the advice of that kid who scouts on Football Manager.

    Surely they don’t think this disruptive move and the grand player change mooted in January will get us promoted this season?Then again, they just might, judging by their track record.

    December 23, 2016
  7. Paul Godding #

    The best coach is being totally overlooked.
    Simon Clark has been pushed out and he held the team together in the past.
    My lad in u16s just given scholarship and in fairness Robinson is the first manager that has watched the 16s and 18s game in the 4 years my lad has been there. Also watchs training in the week

    December 23, 2016
    • Paul – I hear a lot of good things about Clark. Be a travesty if he is pushed out.

      To be fair to Robinson he does have a good record with young players. It’s good to hear that he has already shown such an Interest.

      December 23, 2016
      • Paul #

        Simon clark has got his A pro licence for 2017 bet he will go and manage

        December 25, 2016
  8. Mark #

    Just a thought …….. but we’ve got more fit bodies in the dug-out than we have fit first-teamers out on the pitch…..!!
    That was always going to be a problem with the lightweight squad that Slade was given to work with in the summer due to the cock-up in not employing a manager at the start of the close season and losing 2 months when all the useful players in the market were snapped up by others.

    Has Meire never heard the expression “Too many Chiefs and not enough Indians”? Of course not… but that’s what we’ve now got at the Valley. There will soon be 2 team coaches travelling to away games – one for the players and one for the coaching staff…. but at least that will give the players a break from being told different tactics from all the know-all individuals on the bench.

    Just when is someone going to be big enough to tell Driesen to put his computer away, put on his short trousers and get the hell back to school???

    Meanwhile our club slips ever closer to the ignominy of the fourth tier of English football…..

    December 23, 2016

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