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Many of you will know of Kyle Andrews. He is the man behind the compelling words at Chris Powell’s Flat Cap. Kyle from his home in Bukinghamshire, travels up and down country, normally with his Dad, watching Charlton through thin and er, more thin and rarely misses a game.

If watching Charlton wasn’t enough, Kyle on a daily basis is at war with his own personal demons, both mentally and physically and I ask you to read this very emotional and heartfelt blog post he wrote a little while back.

I had the pleasure to meet Kyle at Swindon, albeit briefly, and following him on Twitter and reading not just his Charlton and cricket musings, but also his personal and moving posts about his battles with his health are highly recommended, if sometimes difficult to absorb.

Anyway it turns out that it’s not just me and other Addicks that have noticed Kyle’s reflections and posts. Kyle posted this  yesterday:

There is not much more space in my heart for more affection for Jacko but his genuine kindness and affection for our club and the people that are so much a part of it’s fabric like Kyle, is never ending. Johnnie and Kyle, legends both.

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    Both Kyle and Jacko top blokes – makes you glad to be an Addick

    Penbury Addick

    December 16, 2016

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