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And here’s to you Mr Robinson

Nothing to complain about of Karl Robinson’s first interaction with fans, in a much more controlled setting of the west stand with the fawning and fibbing Katrien Meire not to be seen.

Robinson came across honest and genuinely excited about his new job. He said all the right things, but what newly unveiled manager doesn’t, yet real enthusiasm spilled out of him like a kid on Christmas Eve and there was a lot to like.

Obviously he called for unity between fans and club, I can understand that, and there he is no doubt that he had a very good relationship with the supporters of MK Dons, not that us them can be categorized in anyway similarly.

His comments about Chris O’Loughlin were a little odd, and I understand he has made them again since. One word of advice Karl, don’t pull the wool over our eyes. In addition I see that the CAST has offered to meet up with Robinson to offer him support but importantly to give him background and substance to the majority of fan’s grievances towards the club’s owner and CEO.

Robinson has began life well without a ball being kicked, I particularly liked that he invited Matt Holland to the training ground to meet players on his first day and talked fondly of Keith Peacock’s continued presence in club circles. He’s a strong character and I would imagine was given some guarantees, even though he talked of transfers by committee. As I have said before, we will see.

Despite the arrival of Robinson another small crowd is expected for tomorrow’s FA Cup 2nd Round game at home to his former club MK Dons, who will still be overseen by Richie Barker. Barker was expected to join Robinson at The Valley and talk of further staff for Robinson is still in the air, but there are already a lot of bums on the bench and Robinson may wait.

Robinson said he will give him and the players two weeks to implement his new ideas and what should be a much more dynamic and attacking formation, limited probably by the players available to him, particularly a pedestrian midfield. I can see Jordan Botaka and Adam Chicken featuring much more under Robinson than they did under Slade and I will be interested to see how he plays Ade Lookman.

Something to look forward to. On the pitch anyway.

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  1. Yeah well sums it up keep the Belguim coach he is very good!!! Total bullshite

    December 2, 2016
  2. Chris #

    “He’s not the messiah…….he’s a very naughty boy !!!!!”

    December 2, 2016

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