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Charlton Athletic 1 Sheffield United 1

A thoroughly undeserved point on Saturday after Patrick Bauer equalized in taxi time against most people’s promotion favourites Sheffield United.

Despite United’s dominance and a superb display from young Dylan Phillips, the Blades only had a single goal to show for it, a well worked free kick move. As we all know one goal is never often enough and sure enough from a lovely Adam Chicksen free kick, the big German bundled in late.

After, in the remaining taxi time, we may have snatched it, but if a point was fortunate and then three would have been hilarious hard on the 3,000+ travelling Blades.

The game was again held up due to plastic taxis being thrown on the pitch. It is up for debate whether these type of protests are proving any worth or not, but what is not up for question is that the last time these two sides met in League One, twice as many Charlton fans were at the game. Less than 5 years ago almost 21,000 watched Chris Powell’s side win 1-0.

Karl Robinson begins tomorrow and it is expected that Kevin Nugent will stay but will be joined on a busy training field by Richie Barker.

Addick Bloggers at The Valley: Chris Powell’s Flat Cap;

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  1. Its been a week of vastly different performances,but 6 goals were scored,4 points attained, against a team in form and against a team that recorded two fortuitous home wins 1 nil against opposition that both ended with 9 men so all it tells us is that football is a funny game and Sheffield Utd are not quite the 1970 Brazilians,and we have got to plug the hole in midfield and dominate for longer spells.As for the protests like many supporters now I think they are either going to have to change tack or accept the point has been made for a while,so far opposing clubs have been very gracious and not making much of it,but it cant be long before a points deduction comes our way.On the plus side I think the protests have to some degree changed the hierarchy’s approach ,but as a loan supporter of over 50 years I cam tell you we have had some bad owners, I also worry that in time protesters make the organisation they form more important than the cause,so what I would ask is protest all you want,but please don’t damage the !baby!,we would be a much more attractive purchase as a Championship club which showed potential of going higher.

    November 28, 2016
  2. #

    Please note that not all Fans support these on-going protests, which are quite annoying now.
    In fact, I know that many of the stay-away Fans are staying away because of these never-ending Protests, which drag whole the atmosphere down to new depths within the Valley. I am one of these stay-away Fans, who until recently was an ever-present since 1981. I have quit for many reasons, but one big reason is the dreadful negative, poisonous atmosphere within Charlton now, which makes the whole Matchday experience miserable.
    I’m not a supporter of RD/KM. However, what’s done is done. Why not give these Protests a rest for a while, and let KR do his job! As the negativity from you and CARD is quite depressing. What’s done is done. Let’s move on now! Give KR a chance, postpone these CARD Protests, & let’s see if the Results and the atmosphere improves at the Valley? As many of the stay-away Fans (a decent proportion, at-least) don’t come to Charlton anymore because of the whole experience at Charlton is really rubbish now. Maybe if CARD gave it a rest for a while, let KR get on with his job – hopefully, things will improve overall at the Valley. Plus, some of the stay-away Fans might just return again (me included), which will also inevitably improve the nasty atmosphere within the Valley for the better. Then, the Matchday experience will start to improve again. Let’s find out, shall we ? Also, what does CARD expect to achieve here ? Who in their right mind would want to buy Charlton in their current state anyway ? As I would be looking at Charlton thinking they now have very few active Fans left. Plus, the Fans that do remain are mostly negative militants, who will never be happy, regardless. As I think that CARD is unrealistic. Think about what you are doing now & why? Charlton’s Supporters are seen as a restless bunch of militants now, who will give any new Owner big trouble and grief. We need to be realistic. Charlton is a Championship Club at best – let’s be real. Therefore, please give it a rest now, CARD, and just see if KR can get Charlton into the top-six! Ultimately, Football is meant to be fun and for entertainment / enjoyment. The Protests and Chants are just a way of life for many Charlton Fans now. So, I think that the Protesters should just stop and think about their actions, their motives, and their goals here? As the Fan-base is clearly divided. Many Charlton Fans are just fed-up with the Protests now, & just want to watch their Football in an atmosphere less poisonous that it is at the moment, which is keeping many Fans away now. CARD does not speak for everyone, and CARD does not speak for ‘all’ Charlton Fans either! There is also a silent majority out there who are fed-up with CARD and these endless Protests! However CARD has taken it upon themselves to try and take the moral high-ground, and just ‘assume’ they are the official, legitimate voice of ‘all’ Charlton Fans, which they aren’t! Again, who would really want to buy Charlton at the moment ? The best we can do is get behind KR and the Team, stop the Protests, and hope that we get back into the Championship again. Then, perhaps Charlton will be more attractive to a new Owner? Because the way CARD is acting now, no-one would want to buy Charlton! What kind of impression is CARD giving to any possible new Owner? That we are a bunch of militants with no Fans left! It feels wrong so it must be wrong! CARD have made their point, so why not let KR get on with Managing his Team now, without endless Matchday Protects, which are now only driving our own ‘less-vocal’ Fans away more & more. Also, you know where this will all lead, yes (with only a tiny Fan-base left, getting smaller by the day)? It will undoubtedly lead to Non-League Football, & a Liquidated Club, with our Ground Sold to Developers for new Housing (to pay-off our massive Club debts)! Surely, we don’t want that to happen, do we!?!…… (Or, perhaps this is one of the aims of CARD!?). John.

    November 30, 2016

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