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Taxi for Roland

Yesterday a London cab driven, I am proud to say, by one of my best and oldest mates left The Valley for a road trip to take the ongoing CARD led protests to Belgium, the home of our absent and apathetic owner, and his lying and worse than useless CEO.

12 Addicks with the CARD sponsored taxi leading the way took the Eurotunnel to Belgium and drove last night to St Truiden. My mate reported a “proper good and funny night with a few beers” was had before after breakfast they made their way to the town’s main square to spread Addicks’ message for Roland Duchâtelet to sell our famous football club. 2,000 leaflets were handed out and with black and white beach balls rolling around the square, the group made quite the entrance and received a warm welcome with overwhelming support from locals.

The entourage then moved onto Stayen, St Truiden’s ground, where a whole load of birthday gifts for Roland to celebrate his 70th year were delivered including those gorgeous pink pigs. Apparently security were waiting and Roland has already told the local media that “he is very upset.”

At the same time another group of 20 Addicks were in St Truiden at the weekend again to help Roly celebrate his birthday. Some superb intelligence meant that these daring Addicks found Duchâtelet tucking into his birthday lunch. You have to watch this video, it is hilarious. Whilst Charlton were getting stuffed at Swindon Roly was feeding his face, missing out on his weekly live feed! This group also delivered 5,000 leaflets in the local area.

The Taxi for Roland group later today are heading for Brussels, where they will gather at the famous site of the Manneken Pis, to broaden our message to get Roland Duchâtelet and Katrien Meire out of our club.

0f8c3be994d0a5d0b13a33b9bad58cThis latest CARD brainchild had been kept under wraps for a long time, and is another ingenious idea in extracting maximum coverage as Addicks continue the fight to drive Duchâtelet into selling the club in the full spotlight of the media and other club’s fans. Today, media outlets across the UK and Belgium have been following the Taxi for Roland story and some very influential journalists and football figures have been promoting it across social media.

Katrien Meire’s PR pet Pitch might do well to employ a couple of the supporters behind some of these ideas, instead of pandering to Meire’s continuous handbag of lies. Pitch were obviously behind the scripted notes that Sky Sports embarrassingly inserted into the coverage of our live game at Swindon. 34 meetings with supporters, building walls…. absolute tosh.

Huge kudos to the 20 Addicks who interrupted Duchâtelet’s birthday fun. It is believed he was said to be fuming. Well guess what mate, we are fuming at how you have interrupted and attempted to kill our football club.

Also, huge plaudits to the Taxi for Roland crew, which also includes my mate Dave. I know for a fact that this whole thing took precision planning and organization. My mate Chris, who only got paid to remove his existing taxi wrap and replace it with the CARD one, will continue to drive it around London for the next 3 busiest months of his year. And knowing him, he will not have any qualms in telling whoever he has in the back of his cab all about it’s message.

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  1. DarrzzettBum #

    absolutely brilliant

    November 14, 2016
  2. Richard #

    If it wasn’t for the wit and intelligence of this sort of protest I would have given up by now. Go CARD. Come on you addicks!

    November 14, 2016
  3. How fantastic to hear that passion for the survival of our club is still alive,wish them every success. It is rumoured that the favorite to replace Noddy is an Irish man who has managed in Belgium no less,well that’s a new angle,and quite a coincidence seeing our owners are from Belgium,ever so sorry will have to cut this reply short,when I get these deja vu attacks of this intensity I become nauseous,merry Christmas Chicago.

    November 15, 2016

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