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In a roundabout way

Remembrance Day, 11/11, is actually a public holiday in Bermuda, which is a very honourable way to remember the 125 brave Bermudian’s that were lost during the World Wars.

I’m taking the opportunity tonight to fly home for the weekend. Land Friday morning, depart Sunday afternoon. In and out, no time to get affected by the time difference, and a crash bang wallop opportunity to see family and friends and against my better judgement the Addicks.

The Swindon game, live on TV, and kicking off at midday, was suddenly made all ticket this week, which caused some logistical problems, what with me being here. Anyway a mate came to the rescue and myself, my son and my brother will join 500 or so others in the Arkells Stand lunchtime on Saturday.

A few things strike me as odd about how Addicks have been treated for this game. Firstly that away end holds 1,200, but we were only given a maximum allocation of 615, and secondly why was it made all ticket? No doubt in a pattern seen at other recent away games, the police presence will be high, and we will be stared at throughout the game by gormless blokes in hi-vis jackets.

I tried unsuccessfully to convince my brother that after a night on the beer watching England play Scotland, a morning sat in our pyjamas with a mug of tea and endless bacon sandwiches watching the game on the box would have been far more enjoyable and hassle free. As it is we need to manoeuver our way across London, out west and then around a myriad of roundabouts to watch a depleted team.

Oh well, I have never gotten to November before and not seen us play, so I am ready and as a few mates have told me, I very much need to see them for myself in the flesh. I’m weirdly looking forward to it. No Katrien, I am. I’m sure I’ll see you there luv.

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  1. Chris #

    Hope you enjoy the game at Swindon I wish I could share your optimism…..It will be interesting to see what the Sky pundits have to say about our continuing decline….maybe better to watch QVC instead !!!

    November 11, 2016

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