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Free speech day

Irony may not be one of Katrien Meire’s rare qualities, although blocking Addicks’ fans calling into a chat show was good old English League One irony at it’s best.

The club deny it of course, but the evidence points to Meire or her PR ‘machine’ obscuring the fans’ right to reply on Jim White’s talkSPORT’s show on Thursday. Rick Everitt did get a right to reply today and a stand up job he did again, with Jim White seeing through the veil of Meire spin and deceit and apparently offering every support to Rick and CARD in an effort to continue to question Meire and more importantly Duchatalet’s motives towards our historic football club.

It all ties in nicely of course into tomorrow’s home game against Chesterfield which CARD have designated as ‘Free Speech Day.’ After Meire and Keohane’s overweight numpties heavy handed fans with flags at the Coventry game, hundreds if not thousands of flags, all legally allowed in the ground, are expected to be paraded around The Valley tomorrow in another show of defiance towards the useless and manipulative so called senior management team.

Of course if the team can get it together as they did in the last protest game against our friends at Coventry, then Russell Slade and his players will be supported again to the hilt, yet if they show up like they did for the first half against Gillingham, a North Korean flag may not be the only cold shoulder they get.

Slade was coy on Nicky Ajose’s status but he has to start for me with Magennis and two up front. Hopefully whoever plays at the back does a good as job of defending against Ched Evans as his lawyer.

It’s close at the bottom of League One and I include us in that mix but Chesterfield and Shrewsbury are a little adrift. We need and should win tomorrow.

Meanwhile there is no doubt despite Meire’s efforts this week on talkSPORT, too many people in the game can see through her ineptness and lies and I look forward to seeing the flags of protest fly high around The Valley tomorrow.

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  1. malvernworldtravel #

    I hope that other Nations Flags are not dis-respected in any Way

    October 29, 2016
  2. LP #

    HI Chicago – all set to go this afternoon – as always these days with a heavy heart. If any of the non-protesters think there is any joy in all this they are mistaken. I am so tired of it all but we have to continue. Talking of irony – if all these people on social media who are against the protests in the mistaken belief that this man is putting his money into the club had not renewed their season tickets then this would all be over – we would have new owners who care and we would be back to normal Saturday football with no protests – albeit in the 3rd division still and of a very poor standard but at least with a hope of that changing.

    October 29, 2016
  3. jh #

    Saw very few banners/flags certainly not “hundreds if not thousands”
    Atmosphere in the ground somewhat flat and the play rather ponderous and predictable – that said didn’t think it was as bad as some around me seemed to think.

    October 29, 2016

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