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We long had tickets for Adele’s first night in Miami and had worked the half-term break, which included our daughter’s 7th birthday today, around the Tottenham lasses 96th night of her tour (15 to go) as she reminded the 20,000 crowd last night at the Miami Heat’s American Airlines Arena.

Our night started rather chaotically as we were met with a huge and disgruntled crowd outside the arena. It wasn’t like this place wasn’t used to crowds, but apparently the ticket bar code readers were failing the surprisingly small group of staff holding up entry to the event. News of the late arrival of Hillary Clinton I am sure threw security and those still outside added angst.

When Adele came on an hour late, there were still many empty seats in the long sold out arena. Mine was empty too as I was queuing at the bar as I listened to ‘Hello’ from the concourse.

There were no surprises, especially as Adele told us exactly what to expect from the outset. In her best Tottenham accent Adele told us to expect 2 hours of depressing songs about ex-boyfriends. The audience lapped up her troubled 28-year soul who “always says no,” even to the Bond Movie producers, who thankfully returned with a better offer.

She chatted incessantly about everything. Pregnancy, drinking, Disney, her voice, her diaphragm, the Waking Dead and the US election, where she endorsed the in attendance Clinton, which got most of the headlines this morning. In this swing state, Adele shouting “Just don’t vote for him” was joyously received by the crowd although around me in a very mixed crowd I saw some older men visibly shudder.

img_1371The absolute star of the show in a long glittering dress with her face pictured hundred’s of feet high behind her doesn’t quite seem to know how famous she really is. “I’d rather play small theatres, but my manager said I’d be playing for decades to keep up with demand.”

Adele used two simple stages with her orchestra and backing band behind one and belted out perfectly her whole range of hits from her various age labelled albums. Early on there was ‘Rumour Has It,’ ‘Skyfall,’ and the song that started it all for me ‘Hometown Glory.’ A midway acoustic set sat on a stool included heartbreaker ‘Don’t You Remember’ and ‘Million Years Ago,’ a song about missing those teenage years when friendship and mates was everything.

She dedicated her 19 Dylan cover ‘Make You Feel My Love’ to the Pulse Nightclub shooting victims in Orlando. Sipping on a cup of tea the very private 28-year old continued to make the Americans around me wet themselves laughing, even though they probably couldn’t understand a word she was saying.

“She’s hilarious,” one bloke said to another in the bathroom when I was peeing before the encore. “Yes, she is. But I don’t understand her,” said the other.

Adele finished as she had started, confidently and in perfect voice with what she described as her American breakthrough song ‘Chasing Pavements’ and the triumphant ‘Set Fire to the Rain,’ surrounded by a wall of falling water.

She disappeared before returning with ‘When We Were Young’ and sent the crowd home happy with ‘Rolling in the Deep’ as confetti fell all around us, each piece with a personal message. A little something from the girl with everything, even though she doesn’t seem to think so.

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