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Dallas Fort Worth

Two places 40 miles apart but callously grouped together by almost everyone. Known as a metroplex and encompassing over 9,000 sq. miles. Dallas Fort Worth with it’s airport in the middle, and as far as I can make out the only thing named after the North Texas metroplex.

Dallas big and brash and snarled with traffic, Fort Worth quaint and understated with cycles more likely than pick up trucks. Whilst top chefs cook in trendy restaurants in Dallas, Fort Worth still has daily reenactments of cattle drives through it’s historic Stockyards!

Why am I talking about this? Well I’m going to be in both places this next week. Dallas seeing colleagues in the first part and Fort Worth, for a conference, in the middle to latter part. And then probably driving around between the two because, well it’s Texas and that’s what you do.

One night I will be at the vast Dallas Cowboys stadium in Arlington, the third leg of the stool that of Dallas Fort Worth’s metroplex. I’m not in Arlington to see a game unfortunately but to be at a dinner function within the confines of the AT&T Stadium. Otherwise the week will be the normal run of meetings, big soulless, freezing conference rooms, dinners and hotel bars.

And what has become a traditional weekend with a mate, also at the same conference as me, a couple of nights in Miami South Beach beckons at the end of a busy week.

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