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Charlton Athletic 0 Rochdale 1

“We know we made mistakes managerially. Everything is now in place with Russell to give us stability.” – Katrien Meire before the game getting her size 10 stilettos stuck in her big fat gob again.

If I remember rightly she said a similar thing about Chris Powell, Bob Peeters and Guy Luzon before she fired them.

1 point from three home games against AFC Wimbledon, Oldham and Rochdale. One point. Add that to the two points away at Fleetwood and Oxford, clubs that were in the National League just a few years ago. Now, we have no given right to beat anybody, but what we do have is a right to change. This club is rotten to the core, and if those that are intent on destroying it won’t do the honourable thing, then we need to enforce it.

I really want Russell Slade to do well. He has a bit of Charlton in him, is honest and engaging. Yet sadly it is becoming apparent that is not a particularly tactically astute football manager. How we started again with just one up front and Jacko out on the wing is bemusing after the shocker of a performance on Tuesday. Add to that two of the most ponderous central midfielders to grace the Valley centre circle for a couple of decades. We should stop kidding ourselves, this team will be in a relegation battle, with an apparent top 6 budget.

Lookman started, but our over reliance on him and Holmes is ridiculous. They are running themselves into the ground struggling to play continuous 90 minutes, whilst their team mates watch and stare.

Slade was cheap and willing to work in an asylum. Yes, he’s British, and we bought some British players but he has to hold his hand up here. Ok, he has limited choices, but he seems wholly unable to get the best out of what he has, seems scared to make quick decisive decisions from the bench and sadly his style of play is frankly dull. Dull and ineffective.

The Addicks with promotion “as a our aim,” according again to Meire today, sit on the same points as Southend who occupy the last relegation place. We don’t play next week. Come on you’d know the outcome of that if it was on, and could easily be in the bottom 4 in a week’s time.

Oh and the lowest ever football for a fiver attendance. They can’t even give it away.

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  1. Rep #

    Need another new manger at the club…….this time to lead us into the bottom league.

    October 1, 2016
  2. CA, It was, every bit, as bad as you imagine. Tuesday was bad, this was no better. The first 20 minutes we looked less poor but Crofts and Uvestead (I know I’be spelled it wrong) were poor. I can forgive the Skipper almost anything, and he was, obviously, told to play all over the pitch today. In the second half I am sure it was at least fifteen minutes before Uvestead even touched the ball.

    We have some very good players (for this level and higher) in the squad but it is so, so unbalanced. We are in real trouble!

    I’ve not had this little confidence in us ever.

    On the positive, despite the torrential rain, we managed to avoid getting wet on the walk back to the car. Thank Heavens for small mercies!

    October 1, 2016
  3. CA – I’ll echo what kingshilladdick says above – just be grateful you are on the other side of the pond and able to watch the Ryder Cup at the normal time of day!

    This was one of the, if not the, worst home performance from a Charlton team I’ve seen in 55 years. They were dis-jointed, often clueless, passes going astray, balls into the box punted in hopefully without the player looking up first to see who was available where – I thought kick and hope belonged on parks pitches, but today it was seen to often.
    The skipper did his best but even his best was simply way below par today – and in the west stand I couldn’t hear anything from him, if he did cajole and coax his players then I couldn’t hear it and presumably neither could they…

    As for Russell Slade – I’m sorry but he has been ‘found out’ as being tactically naïve and wanting…. taking off Holmes, one of the two brightest players on the pitch, in the last 10 minutes wasn’t clever at all (as the crowd let him know in no uncertain terms…) and if that player is tiring then he obviously needs to get him fit enough to last 90 minutes.
    Also, he needs to get his hands out of his pockets and start to look and act like a professional and a manager – he needs to gee the players up during the game, not just at half-time. I haven’t seen a less-statesmanlike statue in the technical box since Alan Pardew occupied it.

    As for the ramblings of NightMeire – well, we all know that she lives in a parallel universe to the rest of us…. promotion???? Is she kidding???? By the time the international break is over it’s more than likely that we’ll be in the bottom 4 – and from what I saw today, we’ll be staying there.

    Still, the Master Plan is working well for the Regime…… destroy the club, sell the ground off for housing, make a fortune and get the money back to Belgium before the UK leaves the EU. It’s all working to plan and on schedule…..
    What other reason can there be for the ongoing farce at the Valley?

    October 1, 2016
  4. ‘There’s still loss of games to go’ I fear you could be right a2c given the results so far. Slade should, based on his track record in league 1 and the players that he has at his disposal be getting better results. I would give him until December to get some sort of upward momentum going. Frankly if we were comfortable in mid-table come the new year that would satisfy me as I always believed that we were going to find it tough this season.. Incidentally it wasn’t the hard right that took us out of the EU it was traditional labour party supporters.

    October 2, 2016
  5. I further note from comments made by Russell Slade that when he replaced Holmes yesterday he thought the fans were being disrespectful to the player replacing him…. Well, amongst his other failings poor old Russell must be a bit ‘mutt & jeff’ as the Valley faithful were clearly heard to be singing “you don’t know what you’re doing” to Russell – so, in no way were they being disrespectful to any individual player. As much as poor old Holmes was at fault for Rochdale’s goal by being ‘skinned’ on the edge of the area as he tried to prevent the initial cross from going into the box his play in the second half was much better and with Lookman he was one of the two shining lights in the Charlton team in the last half hour.
    This passing of the buck and mis-understanding must be a catching failure at the Valley – it seems that Slade has now caught the malady from the NightMeire.

    On the matter of the attendance yesterday – a subject of much contention between the official figures given by the club and supporters who can estimate the actual attendance to within a few hundred – at around 6.30pm on Friday evening, with far too much time on my hands, I trawled through the online ticket booking system and just happen to have noted down the number of spare seats shown for every home section of the stadium.
    The official attendance yesterday given on the club’s website showed a gate of 14,460 (including 415 away fans). The number of unsold tickets shown in the home stands on Friday evening was 11,880. From memory the capacity of the Jimmy Seed stand is about 3000 which gives 24000 seats in the home stands. So, the number of home tickets sold 20 hours before the match was 12,120, add to that the 415 away fans and you have 12,535. Which means that 1,925 patrons presumably purchased tickets ‘on the day’ for yesterday’s match.
    I don’t recall seeing more than a few hundred buying tickets before kick off – and given that at a cost of £5 many who had pre-purchased tickets would not have bothered turning up yesterday after Tuesday’s result the difference between the true attendance and the declared attendance probably differs by over 2000. Sometimes it’s interesting to put a bit of meat on the bones of a debate!

    I wonder how many will turn up to watch the next Football for a Fiver match which looks as though it will be played in division 2 the way that results have been going of late….

    October 2, 2016
  6. LP #

    And they can’t give the tickets away to local schools either – hard though they are trying for the Coventry game. The kids simply do not want to go. Come on CARD – I look forward to resuming protests, but to be honest CA, there aren’t that many left in the ground to protest. I went last Tuesday and wished I hadn’t – sat in the West stand for a change and could not believe my eyes at the sight of a near-empty East stand. Thankfully had a wedding Saturday so could not be tempted – not that I think I would.
    Sad, sad, days

    October 3, 2016

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