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Oxford United 1 Charlton Athletic 1

I know little of Saturday’s game apart from what I have read from eye-witnesses and I don’t think it was much cop. A sell out away end didn’t seem impressed and I note that the anti Roland songs are getting louder and more prolonged.

Just 2 wins from 9 games, and those against two teams below us in the table. It’s early, although I always take note of that 10-game barometer, but as Barnsley will attest this league is most definitely a marathon and not a sprint.

Most Addicks appear to be pointing their collective fingers at Russell Slade’s negative tactics and his natural instinct does seem to be to begin a game protecting the point we start with, and then he looks afraid to be adventurous late on with either progressive substitutes or attacking tactics. Maybe it is more obvious than we thought as to the reason Slade has never won a promotion in 22 years of management.

I’m okay with one up front away from home but you need pace, guile and bravery from midfield to support the sole striker and we don’t have it. Other than Lookman none of the forwards look like they can create a goal for themselves, so unless Holmes can assist then I wonder to how many we will see from Novak, Magennis and Ajose. It is noticeable that Jacko is now top scorer. Again. And he came closest to scoring on Tuesday.

Some injuries are also starting to take their toll and now Harry Lennon will be stupidly suspended. The squad is horribly under resourced yet it carries some good players at this level and should be able to challenge.

Two home games follow. Tuesday is vital that we pick up 3 points as the natives are getting restless.

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  1. Emsworth Addick #

    The Charlton Equation:
    Incompetent Senior Management
    = Lack of Ambition
    = Lack of Investment
    = Under Strength Squad
    = Poor Results
    = Short Term Outcome – Long Term Stay in Division 1
    = Long Term Outcome – Hello Division 2!

    September 26, 2016
  2. The ‘phoney war’ period since the summer is soon to end I think. Russell Slade and the ‘regime’ were given some space by supporters in the summer to come up with the goods – the former because he was new to the club and clearly didn’t know much about the ‘regime’ and the latter because at least they had brought in a British manager.

    Now, as we approach the end of the first quarter of the season, we can assess where we are at – closer to the bottom of the table than the top. Not good enough.

    The regime have reverted to type – failure in the transfer market to bring in sufficient players to enable the manager to mount any sort of challenge at the top of the table…. or even the top third.
    The manager is what he is – a journeyman manager in charge of largely journeymen players, who appears to be unable to make a decision whilst the game is in progress to change tactics to overcome player deficiencies or to make a tactical change to hold onto a lead either at home or away. Am I alone in being reminded of a rather large rabbit staring into the headlights of a fast approaching juggernaut when I watch RS on the touchline?
    So far Charlton have lost several points by their ability to grab a draw or loss from the hands of victory…. much of the blame for that has to go down to the manager.

    The two home games to come are vital as to how the rest of the season will pan out – a minimum of 6 points are required to produce momentum up the table. Sadly I can only see 4 points at best – and 2 or less will see us slipping down to the edge of the relegation zone.

    It seems that the truce offered by supporters to the regime at the start of the season should end and the pre and post match demonstrations should once again commence…. but I get the feeling that apathy is spreading amongst the faithful and that people just can’t be bothered to protest any more. That would mean yet another nail in the coffin of CAFC – and bring the possibility of the Valley being turned into a profitable residential site for the owner on step closer.
    That surely has to be the reason why Duchatelet continues to hold onto the club – it’s certainly not because he has any affinity to the club whatsoever being as he has only watched 2 matches at the ground in the 32 months since he took the club over.

    September 27, 2016

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