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Charlton Athletic 1 Northampton Town 1

I took my protest to Rio and tuned out of the happenings at The Valley and instead tuned into scantily clad women slapping a ball over a net on sand in the name of Olympic sport.

However my always relied upon Mother was updating me during the game and my brother gave me a full blown text report after, but it was fair to say you would all have rather been in my seat at the Copacabana Beach Volleyball Arena. You would also have been surrounded by more people!

Anyway these are my observations. The Canadian girl’s bikini bottom was a shade of red and white. Oh hang on, wrong blog post! Apologies.

Right, here we go. First half absolutely shocking, a pre-match team talk of Karel proportions from Russell Slade, and the Reds were rightly booed off at the half and I can only imagine the conversations amongst fans on the concourses.

2nd half a million times better and we camped in their half, moved the ball better and despite Slade signing 3 strikers, 2 wingers and having a young kid sought after by the countries best sides, it was left to Johnnie Jackson again to rescue the day, and tonight Russell Slade should feel very thankful to a bloke, who whilst age is slowing down his ability, his influence continues to grow.

I hear Holmes impressed and his replacement, a footballer who goes by the name of Wizard, was not particularly magical. Something you learn in school, is not to give yourself a pressure bearing nickname.

Konsa did okay, and Roger Johnson, who was roundly booed, was on the bench as was happily Patrick Bauer. The Scots lad did well, but we still didn’t pass enough to Ajose and midfield remains a problem, although I wasn’t sure if I should be happy or sad that my brother said that we have signed a white Keith Jones, in Andrew Crofts.

The crowd of 11,500 was obviously boosted by comps, many of whom decided I expect to watch the Beach Volleyball on the television, and who can blame them.

We have a point though. And I saw scantily clad ladies rolling around on the beach. I’ve had worse days.

Addick Bloggers at The Valley: Chris Powell’s Flat Cap; Addicks Third Division Diary; Drinking During the Game.

Slade says: “This is the first step on our journey at home and I learnt a lot today. I learnt a lot about my players, a lot about the place and a lot about the fans. When they were behind us in that second period, I thought they were absolutely magnificent.”

Roland says: Nothing

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  1. A white Keith Jones I would take all day long.

    August 14, 2016
  2. LP #

    Have tried 4 times on-line now to get Shrewsbury tickets. I give up!
    With regard to our team and start to the season – hardly surprising as poor old RS has a whole new side who don’t know each other. Where have I heard this before? Oh let me think – the last 2 seasons. Will give them a chance and be right behind them (if I can get into the ground that is) with the exception of dear Roger. Please, please Katrien and Roly – read what is being written about you in the Observer and the Mail (and Cheltenham) and have the decency to admit defeat and BOG OFF.

    August 14, 2016

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