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Cheltenham Town 1 Charlton Athletic 0

Apparently a top 6 budget doesn’t buy you a cup run. Total respect to Cheltenham, especially their programme editor, but they were a non-league team 3 months ago. 

We were relegated in April, everyone knew Riga would not stay, yet none of us are surprised by what we have witnessed so far. A squad unprepared, under-resourced, carrying long term unexplained injuries and on the back of a poor pre-season which followed according to Russell Slade absolutely no pre-planning at all by those at the head of the organization. 

The squad remains woefully short with no promised additions to the team, a point when pushed on Slade afterwards got him very snippy. Quite a challenge this job ain’t it Russ? 

The team looks unbalanced, lacks pace and has zero creativity, Holmes aside. Nicky Ajose is already cutting a dejected figure. We have scored 2 goals in 630 minutes. And as for playing Johnson again, well that might have been to make a point, but Addicks will make their point on Saturday. 

Slade needed a good start, he still has enough quality at his disposal, but he has failed. It was a free hit. Bury and Cheltenham. Saturday could be very uncomfortable. 

But hey, I am about to board a flight to Rio to watch to the Olympics. I have other things to worry about.

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  1. alex #

    Hey anyone like me who knows whats going on here should do like me – pay off all your debts as opposing Charlton is like printing money. 3/1 on Bury and 5/2 on Cheltenham, plus buying Charlton 1st goal time really should be made illegal.
    My club maybe going to the wall, but my debts are fast disappearing.

    August 10, 2016
  2. Good luck,but have to say even that’s got a touch of the !Rolys! Cyclist falling off their bikes,gymnast falling off his pummel horse,another one falling off her beam,divers not so synchronised,no joy from the tallyho brigade,women Rugby players left Canada dried,early days I know,but its hardly 2012,early days for the Addicks,but no Kinsella Robinson,Brown,Rufus,Hunt,Terminator,
    Keily,Powell,Jensen,Parker etc,hardly 2000 either,keep the faith.

    August 10, 2016

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