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Sweet FA

The FA, not known for being in touch with the supporters of the football clubs it is supposed to oversee, has now given a forum for Katrien Meire to spout off more uninformed lies and made up rubbish. Mind you a board meeting of that amount of people, mostly crusty old aged white men I’d imagine, would need to take place at Wembley Stadium. Anyone who has ever sat in a meeting where the aim is “to deliver an effective and professional organization” will know that nothing will be achieved with a room of more than 4 let alone over 100. 

Looking at the vacancies even Roger Johnson could have got himself on the council, so it is no surprise that a young, foreign woman did. Meire of course loves a bit fawning self-promotion and she knows it will look good on her worthless paper resume when she is trouncing the streets looking for a new job. 

Still when CEO Martin Glenn first took over at the FA, his first words from his mouth were: “football must work together to put fans first.” Glenn and Meire will get on like a house on fire. 

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  1. stonemuse #

    it’s so ridiculous that it’s laughable … watch her rise to the very top so that they can show off their political correctness

    August 8, 2016
  2. Alano #

    Well it’s 6.45 pm on Monday, so she must be pretty busy in her new role as that suggested new player for Monday seems like it will not happen today.

    RD must be so proud of her as I am indeed sure we all are:)

    August 8, 2016
  3. LP #

    Oh Chicago. Reality has just hit home as I went on line to book tickets for the Shrewsbury game. Do I want to pay £52 to watch Charlton v Shrewsbury? No I do not. There are cheaper seats, but I like my view from the East Stand – my choice I suppose. Looking at the number of vacant seats though I can just buy one for A block and sit anywhere. But my heart is broken by all this – I want these people out and I want my season ticket back.

    August 8, 2016
  4. Well I think its a great gesture and what’s more Ms Meire should be given an ambassadorial roll she should go out into league One and spend a week at each Club passing on her experties and knowhow to clubs like Sheff Utd,Bolton,Millwall,MK Dons,could really make a difference,as for the national shortage of beachballs,we will get over it
    somehow. I know it would be a blow to us,but I feel sure the club can soldier on in her absence.

    August 8, 2016

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