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Big Dave Lockwood

Dave Lockwood’s cheery voice has occupied the airwaves over The Valley for 24 seasons but sadly there will not be a 25th. One thing is to commit a couple of hours on a Saturday or a weekday to a hobby but it is something entirely different to not only support the club but also to spend tireless hours working for it for scant reward. 

Today Dave resigned his post as The Valley pitch side announcer with a scathing attack on the owner and his inept CEO. I sense that Dave only got through the last dozen games at The Valley through gritted teeth, utter professionalism, and a sense of pride. Ironically those last two attributes were desperately lacking all around him as he stood pitch side with the Directors Box high behind him. 

I have had the privilege to meet Dave on a number of occasions and I have particularly fond memories of when he invited me onto a Sunday night Charlton Live show when he was the host. Dave of course will continue to be at The Valley and whilst no doubt Meire will proclaim him as a bitter ex employee, Dave will get back to supporting the team that he loves and will join the rest of us in getting the football club murderess out. 

When someone coined the phrase ‘Proper Charlton’, it was people like Dave Lockwood that they were referring to. 

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  1. Dave also later said that he was “told off” for welcoming back Yann Kermorgant on his return to The Valley. How utter classless this lot are.

    July 18, 2016
  2. Martin Cowan #

    There is no deviation for RD and KM. This is just more of the same.

    July 18, 2016
  3. I have not changed my mind one iota, from what I thought during the end of last season, and that is the owner is only interested in asset stripping. He is not interested in getting to the Premier League, would cost him to much to get there, sell all the good youngsters that have been trained up through the youth system, and the occasional player they brought in and got lucky with.

    I have not changed my mind, I have not – and dont intend to renew my Season Ticket, nor will I go on a game by game basis, not until these Assasins of our club have left.

    July 18, 2016

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