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War on fans continues

Trying to catch up on Charlton stuff amongst this crazy world that we live in.

My good friend Dave at Drinking During the Game enunciates better than I could the next installment in Katrien Meire’s war on Charlton supporters. I mean, and you would know this, I have been uber critical of our CEO for I think every good reason, but she and her advisors, sycophants even, just can’t help themselves can they?

It’s as if she has laid out this punishment to any Addicks who don’t renew their season tickets! A number by the way that is being kept very close to the chest. It also undoes any work or future plans that the Target 20k group has. 

How Meire and sidekick dipstick Tony Keohane keep coming up with these wacky ideas is both hilarious and thoroughly depressing. The slightest opportunity to save or make a pound, but without any logic, thought or collaboration with fans. Target 20k and the CAST have both spoken out against these latest ticket proposals. 

At a critical point in time of the future of our club, the owner and his mouthpiece should be doing everything possible to bring in the causal supporters, whether they are a one time only tourist, a lapsed fan, or a blindly loyal supporter’s neighbour. 

For me, I have a couple of good mates that are able to pop by the ticket office to pick up tickets for me for games or I myself grab a ticket before the game. I travel a long way to get to The Valley yet like many I will be penalized by these new policies. 

For every positive step forward it is two back, and I am utterly convinced that these leopards cannot and will not change their spots. 

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  1. Through this break between seasons I have been trying to get into the mindset of
    the owner and his doer in chief,and I cant the logic of their actions doesn’t fit.I run a small business and keeping the “customers” on board is paramount,they seem to be acting like one of these Euro energy companies,direct debit or pay the fill price,sign for 5 years or don’t get the proper price,my dilemma for Saturdays had always been golf competition at my local club or 2hour journey by train and bus,its called competition ask any supermarket ceo,supported Charlton all my life,hit 65 in a few days the easy option is starting to look evermore appealing,sad.

    July 17, 2016

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