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Wales show the way

The Welsh players’ wild celebrations at England’s defeat still sticks in the craw but I can’t help but be inspired by Wales progression and performances to reach the Euro 2016 semi’s. They have been everything England weren’t. Aggressive, organized, unified, passionate, proud and in Gareth Bale they have a truly gifted world class player with little or no ego.

Wales take on Portugal tonight and why some Englishmen will wish them to fail, I think the majority of Britain will be cheering them on as they represent not just themselves but the whole of the Kingdom.

Portugal meanwhile have been terrible, and I have watched all of their games, and are yet to actually win a game in 90 minutes. Wales should win comfortably, their game too expansive and disciplined for Ronaldo and co, but then again Hungary, Croatia and Poland should’ve seen them off too.

Portugal cannot be estimated and they have the advantage of being in this position a tournament many times before. The media will focus on the Ronaldo v Bale contest, but whilst both can turn the game in an instant, the influences of Joe Allen and Renato Sanches, who has really impressed, may well decide how the game pans out.

Portugal will no doubt try to suck the life out of the game, and Wales will have to be able to dictate the pace without the direction of Aaron Ramsey. By the way, doesn’t that two yellow card rule suck? Wales will also miss Ben Davies and Portugal will be without defender William Carvalho.

Those that know of my surname (it’s not Addick) will know that I could be a little bit Welsh myself. I’ll be cheering them on tonight. Dewch ymlaen Cymru.

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  1. Brian #

    How exactly do they represent the whole of the nation?

    July 6, 2016
    • Because they are the last remaining representatives of the home nations. Other than Bale they represent the English Leagues. They play with a pride and passion not seen from the English national team. For me I am more than happy to support them and have them represent me and the U.K.

      July 6, 2016
      • Brian #

        I will be supporting them to, as the underdog. Ask any Welshman if they are doing this for the United Kingdom…

        July 6, 2016

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