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No surprise here

I was surprised how few St George’s flags there were hanging on cars and from houses when I was home last week. But of course it all makes sense. Why go to all of that bother for that shower, who pretend to represent us as a nation at football. Why should we go to all of that bother when these overpaid and arrogant young men don’t. And as for the old bloke stood on the touchline. The highest paid manager at the tournament he is/was. Hapless.

Once a forward thinking coach plying his trade in Switzerland, Hodgson’s tactical ability, organizational skills and leadership looked like they were left back in the 90’s. Out thought, out muscled, defence all over the place, hopeful pot shots, no intensity, a baffling system and team selection, and all etched with that time old sense of entitlement and ego pampering. Best league in the world and all that. Where young English players are stifled not developed.

Who was surprised though? As soon as Hart flapped at Sigthorsson’s shot, it meant that we only had 72 minutes to break them down. Wasn’t going to happen unless we could get someone in the box and draw a penalty. Someone like Rashford for example. No, we had to wait until the 96th minute for him. It was an embarrassment, but I wasn’t surprised, I’m not really angry. I’m not bothered. 50 years of hurt. Oh how the time flies.

As for Iceland. Brilliant weren’t they. Played as a team with heart and guts. Old fashioned values. Good luck to them.

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  1. Spot on CA…Iceland were the stars…Hodgson not the only culprit…our premiership millionaires should have been able to figure how to play as a team within 15’s called football and communication and it’s not that difficult.

    June 28, 2016
  2. Mark #

    Well said CA.

    What England lack above all else is commitment and passion.
    Countries such as Ireland, Northern Ireland, Wales and especially Iceland all have that in abundance. They don’t have the most technically gifted players – but what they lack in that area they more than make up for in fighting for every ball and showing a pride in wearing the shirt of their country.
    England only pay lip service to any thought of ‘pride’ …. our overpaid prima donnas would rather be on the beach with their wags.
    As for Hodgson – he went into the competition with the best strike force of any country, on paper…. that’s the problem, our strikers stayed on the paper and didn’t perform – it was like watching a stuttering 2CV with smoke belching out of the back.
    Why wait until the 85th minute to bring Rachford on?
    Why let one of the most feared strikers in the Premier League take the free kicks when he should have been in the area getting on the end of them?

    I have always said that the Premier League will be the un-doing of the England team with the number of foreign players now playing there – and so it has come to pass. On their day the England team can play, their record in the qualifying competition proves that. The only problem is that we rely on such a small number of players who are qualified to wear the shirt, and they just cannot perform on the world stage… I’m not a psychiatrist so I can’t tell you why that is.
    It’s not helped by having a one-dimensional manager who doesn’t seem to have either a plan B or plan C when plan A goes pear-shaped. Last night Iceland easily coped with England’s tactics as they were so predictable.

    I should have known better than to ask if the Muppet Show was on tv when I went into the pub last night….. they were!

    Next man into the hot seat? God knows……… but I’d have a punt on ‘arry Redknapp – he fits the bill in most respects, except like the best manager to never manage England Brian Clough, ‘arry’s face just doesn’t fit in with the FA’s “image” of an England manager. In which case we’ll never ever win anything again….

    June 28, 2016

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