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Euro 2016

I have to be honest, I’m not really in the mood for football. The tragedy that is Charlton at the moment has sucked all of the football life out of me. For as long as I can remember I’ve looked forward with great anticipation to every major tournament since the first one I can remember in 1974.

I’m optimistic it draws me in. It should, I have a ruddy big above my desk, the timings of the games are good for Bermuda – late morning beer, lunchtime beer and early evening beer – and I will even be back in the UK for parts of it.

I have little or no interest in England as it stands, although hopefully they turn my head and with players such as Vardy, Kane, Dier, Alli and an exciting Rashford on the bench the squad has a lot more to be excited about than in recent tournaments. The addition of Wales in our group and the Irish nations there too, undoubtedly adds interest. I also think that the addition of the smaller nations should bring goals, and take away some of the normal cat and mouse games we see in the group stages.

The old fashioned 16 finalists with 8 going home after a fortnight was probably more of a champagne experience whereas the now disgraced Michel Platini’s idea to open this year up to 24 nations makes it more of a lager top one, but I’m actually looking forward to watching teams like Albania and Johann Berg Gudmundsson’s Iceland and I would expect to see some interesting David and Goliath games.

I’ve been asked to do a few prediction competitions and a Dream Team, but I really don’t have a clue so I’ve ignored them. Top of my head I can’t see past France, Germany and Spain. In recent years I’ve had a thing for Belgium, not those football club killers, but it’s beer and their national football team, but picking them as outsiders is not trendy anymore. I think Wales might surprise a few people, including us English. Or what about Croatia or Austria as an outside bet?

Anyway I feel a bit more football cleansed now. I hope we some exciting football. I think I have talked myself into it.

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  1. I understand your point of view,I think it comes from being an addick,same old mistakes ,from an England standpoint, players with fitness question marks,players negotiating transfers,wags we have never heard of announcing themselves as Celebes,I am geared up for “the fall”, as for the Addicks ‘Noddy’ seems to be getting stuck in with gusto,hope its not just while Ms Meire fights off her latest “lost in translation”,may I suggest following cycling,its very relaxing and the Belgians
    don’t always win.

    June 10, 2016

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