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Verbal agreement

“It’s not in my contract about having that control over my players, but it’s a verbal agreement.” *Bangs head on desk and nips down to bookies to put a tenner on Slade being gone by Christmas*

Just 20 minutes allowed for this morning’s press conference, with Meire getting an easy ride but making sure she got in that she was not fearful of her job and that everything will be alright, from today. Richard Murray thought the meeting was all about him and had a good old cry: “I was disappointed with the treatment I got last year, considering what I’ve tried to do for this club.” Yep, those ruddy customers. Pain in the ass aren’t they Rich.

Brussels Slade talked about healthy budgets, managing upwards, challenges, traditions, transfer targets, a desire to reconnect with the fans and in the same breath selling players. But not on the cheap. They’ll be undisclosed obviously.

From Slade all fair and honest stuff but sorry old fruit, my protests will go on and on. Don’t take it personally.

One thing that resonated, other than the verbal agreement clanger, was that Slade said he had just two meetings, one with Duchatelet. Two meetings. Is it any wonder that managers are hired and fired so frequently?

Time will tell, as it has from the minute Duchatelet’s cheque cleared when he bought the club.

Declan Warrington live tweeting here.
CAFC Official Twitter feed here.

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  1. To our customers we say now – give us a break

    We’ve hired British, and admitted a mistake

    it’s time to start clean now

    And we give a vow

    A verbal agreement, of more of the same

    Then we dodge the protests, and you take the blame

    June 7, 2016
  2. Nigel Reddick #

    Well done to Pinnochio – on what should have been a big positive day for the regime she makes accusations against Varney that will blow up in her face when he releases the emails. Every single step of the way they balls it up.

    Pembury Addick

    June 7, 2016

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