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League One set for next season

What an absolutely heart warming story AFC Wimbledon’s rise from the ashes is. The real Dons will be a honour to join in League One next season.

With Millwall’s defeat on Sunday to Barnsley the make up of next season’s League One is now complete and with the Dons and Lions with us, it does give the league a much more geographical north/south spread. The furthest the Addicks will travel is to Fleetwood, one of two teams we have never played before. AFC Wimbledon being the other.

Fleetwood is a 303 mile journey, 8 or so miles past Blackpool. Fortunately our dreaded north-west journeys are limited to old friends Bolton, Bury, Oldham Athletic and Keith Hill’s Rochdale. At the moment I am considering doing just away days next season until we see the back of Duchatelet. Coventry, Oxford and two new ones for me, Northampton and Chesterfield all appeal.

Whereas I was chuffed for Wimbledon, I wasn’t bothered about Millwall. I would’ve been fine if they won. The thought of having to play them twice next season fills me with the habitual dread. The loss of 6 points is just another miserable inconvenience.

Looking at the list of teams in the division, got me looking for the bookie’s odds. We are as long as 20/1 with Corals to win it, which tells it’s own story and the bookies were spot on last season. Sheffield United are favourites, they probably always are, but Wilder’s appointment will increase expectations. Parky’s Bradford are 2nd favourites with MK Dons 3rd, Bolton 4th and Millwall 5th.

Just so we know who our relegation rivals are. Corals have Bury and Shrewsbury as the two most likely to be relegated.

Just to finish on a more upbeat note. Wimbledon’s manager Neal Ardley said after winning at Wembley today: “They (the fans) deserve it. They had their club taken away from them 14 years ago. Now look at them.”

Hope for Addicks yet.

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  1. Congratulations to Wimbledon for reaching the Division one via the play offs

    May 30, 2016
  2. I don’t go much on what the bookies predict but they did get the relegation battle nearly right with the exception of Rotherham who they had down for the drop , Bolton took their place. We again being earmarked for a bad season with odds on us going up at 20/1 but this time no mention of relegation. Should I be relieved that they at least think we might stay in the Division one for the foreseeable future.

    Mind you, looking at how things are progressing throughout the club and the inability to find a new manager is enough to make anyone shudder and cringe with deep thoughts in what the future holds.

    As far as the League is concerned. Yes we might struggle to find any kind of form at the start of the new campaign, but then again this is nothing new for the Addicks is it?

    Looking at whom we are up against makes this League wide open. I was hoping that Millwall would win the play-off only because they are a real thorn in our side, and with the possibility of not beating them again will not come easy to take.

    Still never mind. Football is as unpredictable as our weather and predict the outcome of how the season will pan out I leave to those who are brave enough. We have the same advantages as all the others, let’s leave it there

    May 31, 2016
    • Grumpy, you are of course right in that every team starts the season on 0 points. A well planned out summer with a squad of fit, hungry and mentally strong players with club and fans as one and we have every chance of going back up looking at that list.

      However as we stand just 8 weeks from the start of the season. We are a mess, and everyone of the clubs in that division from Sheffield United to Shrewsbury won’t be able to wait to turn us over.

      May 31, 2016
  3. Martin Cowan #

    Roland clearly thinks there’s no need to have a Head Coach on the pay roll until the season kicks off in August! Oh dear….

    May 31, 2016
  4. Chris #

    Seasons not too far away…..don’t panic Mr Mannering (Roland,Richard.Katrien) !!!!
    No manager, no experienced staff retained and lots of vacancies, no leadership or direction, training ground cock-up with installation, laughing stock of the football world, chief safety officer leaves …..still we’ll have the best pitch in League 1

    June 1, 2016
  5. Chris #

    Zippos Circus runs a better show !!!!…….oh and of course very angry supporters lets hope the momentum of protests continues providing they return next season….I fear the worst !!

    June 1, 2016
  6. LP #

    As CARD have promised the first game is not going to happen I hope its the scum. Brilliant football story with AFC – almost restores my faith – but then I hear West Ham have sold 52,000 season tickets and I plunge into depression again. I really think my love affair with football is nearing an end.

    June 1, 2016

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