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Will it be Jacko?

With news that Rochdale’s Keith Hill could not “agree terms” and would rather stay in Rochdale than move to Charlton, that Russell Slade is now in the sights of Blackburn and the Nigel Adkins’ trail has gone a little cold, it is skipper Johnnie Jackson who is now installed as the bookies favourite.

After the fruitless efforts to hire Chris Wilder were carried out in the media, Duchatelet has covered his search for a new manager in a security blanket. Mind you the day we were expected to announce a new manager the Belgian instead was at press conference to unveil that he has ‘bought back’ Sint-Truiden when he openly trolled Addicks’ fans about the pitfall’s of foreign ownership. More from me on that another day.

But this post is about Jacko. In January 2011 when Chris Powell was announced as our new manager I wrote: “My heart aches with undying joy but also trepidation but I know more than anything else that Chris Powell’s heart has Charlton Athletic Football Club running through it like a stick of rock. Welcome home Chris. Make us proud again.”

If Jackson is appointed I would have the same intense feeling of apprehension and the unthinkable promise that I had when Powell was appointed. Meire may turn her nose up at our history but I suspect she has turned the clock back 5 years and is promoting Jackson to Duchatelet. She has used him before as her own human shield, and would without doubt hope that the appointment of the skipper would take the heat off her and buy her some time.

Duchatelet is known to prefer an experienced British coach (huh?) and is willing to pay, but he will absolutely not back down on his conditions of how the club should be run. Any experienced manager, who is not at the dead end of their career, would not willingly accept Duchatelet’s interference and behaviour. Look at Keith Hill, a legend at Rochdale, who left once for much more money at Barnsley, and failed. He went back to Rochdale and it clicked again and he will be very much in charge of his own destiny at Spotland.

Duchatelet will look on the appointment of Jacko as financially better for him and he is more likely in his first ever managerial job be willing to accept the owner’s demands. Meire respects Jacko and Duchatelet still incredulously values her opinion.

For Jackson to work I would suggest he needs a strong director of football and Simon Clark playing a vital assistant manager’s role. Jackson may turn up two fingers and he probably should run a mile but as we enter the 4th week after the season ended, something has to happen soon.

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  1. The clock will indeed be turned back 5 years if Jackson becomes our manager. I too had reserved feeling when CP was installed but he did us proud in his leadership quality and brought back a Charlton side that went missing after AC left the club and several bad appointments in between.

    But I will say this; Jackson has no managerial experience but then again neither did some of the past coaches this regime paraded in front of us with false hope that these clowns knew what they were doing. Jacko at least is a favourite with the supporters and many will see this as a step in the right direction. He in my mind can’t do any worse. But for this to work he needs support and not interference.

    May 30, 2016
  2. colin hart #

    I really hope Jacko, does turn it down. They will use him as a scapegoat. I have a feeling our club will have to hit rock bottom before these idiots leave. It may feel like rock bottom now but I feel there is worse to come.

    May 30, 2016
  3. redvalley9 #

    I do hope not. Will destroy him career wise.

    Sent from my iPhone


    May 30, 2016
  4. richard #

    I’d be against JJ getting the job for two reasons. Firstly he simply doesn’t have the necessary experience. I know CP didn’t either but he did have some experience of assisting Pearson at Leicester and had had a period away from playing in which to get used to the different dynamic. Secondly, by taking the job he would be supporting the present regime and get Roland out of a very big hole. I know it would hurt the club in the short term but I can’t help think that if applicant after applicant refuses the role then eventually Roland will have to either change his business model or better still, sell up.

    May 30, 2016
  5. The way things are unfolding its the only way I can see things going,the way the Club seems to be run resembles The Daleks running a dating agency,maybe they would be better running something else,I think is the under statement. If Jacko does take over it will put the supporters in an awkward position should he prove successful,Ms Meire will milk the Kudos for all its worth,personally I would rather go to league2 if it would mean the end of the Regime,should we return to The championship all the problems will resurface, Heres a bit of business advice for Mr Duchetalet, get to the Premier League,1/ you get lots of money, 2/ 27,011 people turn up every week,3/ you sell more pies and beer,4/ The Superstore sells lots of shirts,and heres the clincher,and you will like this one,other clubs pay fortunes for premier league players even if they are crap.All good advice and I am not even a billionaire,now there’s a surprise..

    May 30, 2016
  6. Martin Cowan #

    This would seem to be the latest bizarre decision from the regime. We need an experienced manager/Head Coach to get us out of League One as soon as possible. JJ has no experience as Head Coach, this has Les Reed and Karel written all over it I’m afraid. Desperate times.

    May 30, 2016
  7. There really doesn’t appear to be any rationale driving this search. Is it to be a head coach or manager? The courting of Wilder and other rumoured candidates would seem to have suggested that an experienced manager was being sought who would exercise a large degree of authority over player recruitment and other football related matters. Now that the Jackson rumour has surfaced and assuming of course that it has some substance (is Meire flying the proverbial kite here?) it would appear that that thinking has changed dramatically. The transparent failure of Meire to operate successfully outside of the hopelessly inadequate Duchatelet network ‘bubble’ in the search for a manager has triggered the usual and usually catastrophic in-house search for a solution. The appointment of Jackson even with an experienced mentor such as Lennie Lawrence would be a huge gamble, not least for Jackson himself. The clock is ticking and there is a palpable air of desperation as this process drags on.

    May 30, 2016
  8. The brief to employ an experienced British manager. The problem. Wary experienced British managers don’t want it, as they see banana skin written all over it. The next best thing, British but with experience only of the club, =JJ. The best we can hope for. As well as CP, Curbs also had no managerial experience. JJ has seen all the problems first hand, close up, he has a better idea of what’s what, than any of us fans. So would he be fool enough to take it on without the right support and assurances in writing. He’s a big boy and he doesn’t strike me as a fool, I’d back him, as he’d be doing it for all the right reasons. Hard to ever repair more failure, steady the ship until they go, is the best outcome.

    May 30, 2016
  9. “he openly trolled Addicks’ fans about the pitfall’s of foreign ownership” Surely this is just speculation, I read it as being the nearest this cretinous ego maniac is ever going to get to admitting their past mistakes. I don’t think I feel in any way charitable, just the opposite, angry. Maybe I’m wrong, but it strikes me as being the usual RD nonsense, very ambiguous.

    May 30, 2016
  10. Chris #

    Jacko DON’T !!!

    May 30, 2016
  11. A very interesting twist on this managerial saga. I remember when we appointed Powell we were in the stages of getting Eddie Howe in before but he declined. After Wilder rejected us, I see it as a tactic for our regime to try and win the fans over by appointing him as manager. The risk is so high and whilst a few years ago I remember losing to Dagenham which saw Powell faced with unsavoury criticism, he was able to turn it around but I feel this wouldn’t be the same with Jackson. Would love to be proved wrong but feel more experience is needed (and of course for the regime to go!!)

    May 30, 2016
  12. Floyd #

    Have I missed something CA. I’m temporarily Boston MA Addicks so I may have. But I hadn’t read the quote you use to indicate that Hill has turned down the role or if he has the reasons why.
    Have to agree with your conclusion. Last season is a long way away now and some sort of cunning plan would be helpful.

    May 30, 2016
    • A well respected north of England journalist was quoted as saying that Hill “couldn’t agree terms” with Charlton. Terms doesn’t necessarily mean salary of course.

      May 31, 2016

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