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Who is Steve Head?

Well apparently he is Charlton’s new chief scout and head of recruitment. Despite Meire suggesting that a new manager would be appointed first and allowed to pick his staff, the club have gone ahead and selected 52-year old Steve Head anyway. According to SLP’s Rich Cawley, Head was one of the original four on a short list first drawn up over a month ago, three months since Duchatelet said that we need to improve “adult scouting” and just the seven months since Phil Chapple left for Fulham!

Head was hired from Wolves, where he had been since last August. Before that he was at Wolves for 9 months and prior to that Reading, where he played as a junior, for almost two years. How you put together a long term recruitment strategy in short spells like that I am not sure!

Before Reading he did spend 10 years as an assistant scout at Fulham and was for many years part of the academy coaching set-up at Southampton.

Steve Head’s CV doesn’t look any different to Phil Chapple, except he has moved around more but in his favour he has worked at some good clubs. Head is also currently involved with the England National Team, scouting future opposition. It may also be a coincidence but Head was at Reading the same time as Nigel Adkins.

Last summer Head made the news when he was first appointed as head of recruitment by Leeds United but Massimo Cellino then withdrew the offer after Head told Leeds’ very own nut-job that he intended to go on holiday. Roly doesn’t mind when his senior staff go on holiday so Head should be alright for the time being. At least.

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  1. bigboyonabicycle #

    Well its a good name if you are to be Head of recruiting. Just hope we don’t end up with Wally Manager,

    May 24, 2016

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