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Meire compares Charlton fans to racists

Somewhere in a small village in Belgium with CARD stickers adorning it’s lamp posts, the local idiot has escaped. Now, one would think she might be found at her place of employment in London, SE7 trying to fill numerous vacancies that include a manager, an assistant manager, a director of football, a chief scout, a head of communications, a commercial manager, a team doctor, a sports scientist and a fitness coach. Or her and her senior management team (sic) would be looking at ways to sell more than 3,000 season tickets or talking to players about their upcoming contracts. But no.

Meire was at the Telegraph Business of Sport conference at the BT Centre in London. An interesting place for someone that has been told not to talk to the media. This time at least she wasn’t given a stage, but she was in the audience.

After a panel discussion of poorly run football clubs where Charlton was used as an example, Meire popped up from the audience, but not to apologize or offer an explanation, but to rant about Charlton’s fans.

“For the last couple of months, I’ve had extreme abuse, I’ve had criminal offences committed against myself, and I’m disappointed about governance in sport, that none of the governing bodies contacted me and stood up for the fact that things are not allowed, that’s one step too far.”

No one seem interested in her outburst so she then turned on the media and governing bodies: “I also ask the governing bodies in this country, that sometimes some of the fans have crossed the line, very far, and this is just acceptable. It’s been reported by the media as it’s normal and it’s actually not, and the governing bodies have a responsibility to make people aware that that is not what sport is about.”

What Meire didn’t realize was that Addicks fan and journalist Declan Warrington was covering the event and he sought her out later and allowed her to talk some more. What followed was a rant littered with the word shit, some self-centered crap, lies about £30m spent and comparing Charlton fans to racists.

If the {…} statement was Duchatelet’s zenith then this was Meire’s. Being compared to racists in another country of a bygone time. Charlton and it’s proud supporters have led the fight against racism in our game for decades but Meire, not interested in the history of the club, won’t ever know that.

She has her head stuck so far up her arse that she can’t see the ridicule all around her. But Roland will pat her on the head and tell her how great she is. The arrogance, the ineptitude is breathtaking. She has lost the plot and there is no hiding place.

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  1. C.A I actually find her funny, if there was any better place to shoot yourself in the foot in graceful company, this was it, at the Telegraph Business of Sport, such an Intelligent woman huh.

    May 12, 2016
  2. Dublin over again, but with two years of added deterioration, go.

    May 12, 2016
  3. Jh #

    I’m not surprised at her rant – However you feel about her professional ineptitude does not condone the level of personal abuse she is getting. …
    Criticism is one thing but this mob hounding is quite horrific. Involving her parents is frankly unacceptable – I am genuinely shocked and saddened that our fans have sunk to this level.!

    May 12, 2016
    • Perhaps she can provide the reference number that the Belgium police would have supplied, if she want’s us to take this at face-value?

      May 14, 2016
  4. Nigel Reddick #

    I am delighted that Charlton fans have risen to the heights of taking thought provoking protest in to Katrien’s backyard – a stark contrast the hooligan like behaviour of stewards acting on her orders, against a backdrop of an 80s style attempt to fence Charlton fans in. The negative impact of the regime upon thousands of families that go the Valley is deplorable – how ironic that she mentions that her family has been affected. I am so very proud of how Charlton fans have resisted this dreadful woman and the Club’s insane owner.

    Pembury Addick

    May 12, 2016
    • I would feel sorry for her too, if I thought her upset was genuine. It’s just a tactic, don’t worry.

      May 14, 2016
  5. Steve #

    Jh I totally agree
    She is undoubtedly one of the least qualified and inept CEOs in professional football history and I’m devastated beyond words at what they’ve done to our club but as a fellow human being, frankly, I feel genuinely sorry for her as no one, and I mean no one, should be subjected to this level of personal abuse. It’s shameful. What’s happened to our morals and our standards?
    The chanting and (some of the) social media comments are utterly vile and nothing more than the stuff of complete morons. CARD should be ashamed of what they’ve stirred up despite the original best intentions. There are ways and means. I’m more disheartened by the behaviour of my fellow fans than I am of the inept regime.
    Why any self respecting qualified and experienced manager would want to be associated with the regime and us is beyond me.
    Just my view and I know others will disagree. It’s all so very sad.

    May 12, 2016
  6. Chris #

    Totally agree with the comments made above….I’m not surprised that we’ve already been turned down by Wilder, a well respected manager now snapped-up by Sheffield United !!!
    Getting a suitable manager with dignity, vision and a proven track record will be very very difficult.
    Wake up and smell the coffee Roland, Katrien, Richard !!!!
    It resembles King Canute trying to stop the ‘waves of anger, distrust, frustration of everyone who loves Charlton.
    Once we were a Club respected, loved and a model for other clubs to adopt… the laughing stock of everyone !!!

    Zippo the Clown is available and would suit this circus !!!

    May 13, 2016
  7. mike #

    The strongest method to protest is to turn up at the ground BUT NOT enter. To fight money you need to use it, continued loss of revenue will force Roland to pump more money in to the point he walks away.

    May 13, 2016
  8. Mark #

    Just what the CEO was doing sitting in the audience of a conference when the club remains without a manager, chief scout, p r o and all the other vacancies at the Valley beggars belief!
    She’s already taken her summer holiday during the disasterous football season that she’s over-seen….. just WHAT does she have to do to get RD to sack her?
    She cannot delegate efforts to try to find a British manager simply because there are no senior staff left at the Valley – unless she has delegated that task to the office cleaner….who, to be honest, would probably have a better chance of finding a suitable candidate!

    Then, to top it all, she adds to her astonishing rant in Dublin to accuse Charlton fans, of all people, of being racist…!!
    We’re NOT racist, but we ARE fed up with an unqualified Belgian lawyer being in day-to-day charge of a professional football club which she, and the owner, are slowly destroying.

    IF criminal acts have been made against her then I expect her to make a formal complaint to the police and for them to investigate and act upon the complaint. IF that doesn’t happen then, once again, she’s talking out of her nether regions.

    Presumably she objects to being described as a liar – well, when you make a string of inaccurate and untruthful statements, that is what you are called in the UK.
    Being against someone because they are from a foreign country is not being racist – she would get exactly the same reaction from supporters if she were English, Scottish or Welsh.

    IF she stopped looking within her nether regions and looked at herself from the outside and asked a few pertinent questions about her actions over the last 2 years she might start to move forward instead of backwards.

    Both KM and RD are similar. They make mistakes, to which they broadly admit after the event, but then continue to repeat the same mistakes over and over again.
    The sooner RD cashes in his investment the better for him, because the longer he leaves it the lower the value of the club. THAT is an economic FACT Mr. Duchatelet – and your investment is NOT being improved by the continuing employment of your CEO.
    For goodness sake, you’ve sacked every failed manager but the biggest failure remains in her post…..

    Please, do us all a favour and both go NOW. You won’t get much money for a 2nd division club and we, and Greenwich Council, will NOT let you build houses and flats at the Valley

    May 13, 2016
    • David Halling #

      Thank you Greenwich Council. As a Charlton fan for 63 years and a 3rd generation supporter my son is the 4th generation, I find our current situation extremely sad things will change and we will spring back and the current situation will be a distant memory.The owners are now a laughing stock throughout the football world and appear to have no pride. I think Murray is between a rock and a hard place.

      May 13, 2016
  9. Roland has said that he withdrew from Standard Liege because the fans hated him. Thereby implying that he believes that Charlton fans are still not being hostile enough. Whether Katrien likes it or not.

    May 14, 2016

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