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One last stand

Congratulations to Burnley. Proper little club (pop: 87,000), owned by local businessmen with a grounded but forward thinking vision. A club that didn’t flaunt FFP to win promotion last time, and did not risk it all once in the big time, but made friends by playing the right way. Very much like us after relegation in 1999, they held onto players, added astutely and boldly in the case of Andre Gray, but most importantly the owners backed their very bright and visionary young manager.

Part of me was hoping that Burnley would still need to win at The Valley on Saturday. I love the drama. But I’m glad we can park that side story and the Clarets will deservedly be promoted whatever happens. In fact as in now tradition they will wipe the floor with us and win the title. 

With only two games meaning a jot in The Championship on Saturday, Sky will need to be in SE7, flicking between South London and Teeside to find out who becomes Champion and who out of Boro and Brighton joins them. The rest of the equations are resolved, but the net result for us is that we get a national TV audience again to flaunt vociferously our anger at those attempting to destroy OUR proper little football club (pop: 14,385).

CARD today issued a press release to media on Teeside, East Sussex and Lancashire that they have no intentions on promoting getting the game abandoned, respecting the integrity of the competition and the ambitions of the visiting club. CARD of course have been wonderful trailblazers and facilitators of the single-minded action to remove Roland Duchatelet and Katrien Meire, yet they cannot be responsible for everybody. 

Anger and tempers are running high and each supporter will have to make their own decisions in how far they want to make their own personal point against those that are destroying the football club they love. 

CARD and Charlton fans have the moral high ground, but whatever transpires on Saturday, it will not be Addicks who will subvert our great game, one that both Leicester and Burnley have dignfied these last couple of days, it is our crackpot owner who has already poisoned OUR football club. He is the criminal here. Let us not lose sight of that. 

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  1. Well said Sir my sentiments exactly there is really anything to add. Well done to Burnley and Leicester especially for pulling off the Premier title.

    May 4, 2016

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